• Sure

    Sure, why not? He should visit the area and perhaps tour Palestine a bit. Then he can witness the carnage and brutality our allies are inflicting on the Palestinian people first hand. Then maybe he might cut military funding to the Israeli state, but then again Obama is no stranger to bloodshed.

  • Yes, He Should

    There is no good reason why president Obama should not visit a country that has long been considered a close ally of the United States of America. The maintaining of positive foreign relations with Israel is very beneficial to the United States, and I would hope President Obama is doing everything he can to help America.

  • Foreign relations are always important.

    Yes, I think Obama should visit Israel. I think relations between all countries are important, and ignoring a troublesome one is dangerous. We shouldn't be afraid to make efforts where a relationship with a foreign leader has been strained in the past. Ignoring a volatile situation does nothing to resolve it. We must help flush out the violence and bring back peaceful talks.

  • Is he going to support Israel?

    Is there anything that will be accomplished by him going? How could it be anything other than a photo op? Do anyone think that he will gain some insight by going there as president that will change his stance? Whether or not you agree with him, to go there and pretend like he cares for the press is pointless.

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