• Yes, Obamacare should be delayed.

    Obamacare should be delayed, or at least the ability to apply should be extended. People were overwhelmed with the amount of information and changes. Aside from that, the website was bug-filled, and not enough people were even able to get insurance through it. People were not educated enough about the changes before this happened, and these were not small changes, but major ones. More time is needed to figure everything out.

  • We need a more socialized, European system of health care.

    What is it with people? Participation in health care should be mandatory. When I was a Teamster Shop Steward, EVERY employee paid into the benefit programs. Young, old, it made no difference. What we need to do is unionize EVERY employee in the country. Who are these people who don not want health care? Wal-Mart should unionize. Right to Work laws in many southern states should be abolished. Health care is a human right. We need it NOW. I have health coverage, but I want to see that no one goes without. This selfishness that is embodied in the Tea Party's "Me First" and "I got Mine-screw you" has got to end. Health care is an entitlement that we all need to be part of. IF that means by force of law, then so be it.

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