• Personally for it.

    The healthcare law isn’t just another entitlement, It puts one-sixth of our economy in the hands of federal bureaucrats. It allows government to stage-manage our lives in the most personal of domains: our health. We would also give more help to the poor and the sick — and less help to the rich. Support would go only to those who needed it. Akso, health care is not a right and it sucks so hard to break that. My right to free speech does not impose a cost on someone else, a right to health care would.

  • ObamaCare is not the answer to our burdened health care system.

    The government does not need to micromanage the way insurance operates. Instead we should concentrate on one of the underlying problems with our current health care system, the issue of tort reform. The exorbant amounts awarded to injured parties have crippled our country. The high cost of malpractice insurance for the medical field have directly impacted the cost to the patient.

  • We need to focus on overall recovery

    Instead of wasting all this money on the poor, why not spend it on education and jobs so that the poor will no longer be poor? I think education is the most important thing in this country. If we raise bright children then there will be less overall problems. We need to focus less on the poor.

  • Yes

    It has no benefits for the general populous for such a large country like ours. The taxes/funds needed would put the average family in the USA in financial trouble. You think a president could see that. Our country has been around for 300 plus years and we have been fine without it. Canada can pull it off because they have less people. It doesn't make sense.

  • Obama Care Sucks

    Obama care sucks, to be bluntly honest. Do you have a job, well if you said yes then you will agree with me. Do you realize the government is taking your hard earned cash and handing it over to people who are too lazy to get a job. Like seriously that's not even fair. Thats just one of the many reasons it should be repealed. -13 yr. Old girl from Ohio

  • Why we should repeal Obamacare

    Before Obamacare, we were allowed to shop for heath care plans in other states. When Obama put Obamacare in place, the law took that ability away from the citizens. Now we can only get heath care from suppliers in our own state, which limits our options, and allows health care companies to raise their prices. Not only is this harsh on our wages, but many people lost their health care plans when Obamacare came in to play, due to the fact that they had plans from other states. Now they are stuck with either a health care plan that doesn't give them the help they need, or they are stuck paying for a plan that covers more than they need. If we can repeal Obamacare, it will take a few years to fully rid the country of it, but we would be able to change all of this.

  • Less freedom from obamacare

    If we are forced to have health care then we lose our freedom. What makes America great is that we can't be forced to do anything by our government if obama care gets past then we will be going into communism, the government controls all, tells us what to do. If it's a choice then ok but charging us money for NOT taking health care? That is a dictatorship!

  • This is one step closer to universal health

    Why is it that people are too stupid to realize that universal healthcare does not mean less freedom, if anything it allows a more equal sense of freedom for the rich and the poor. Many people can't afford the health care for their entire family and if they do, they can't afford too get the proper care they need. The American life now a day, especially with trump, is where the rich get richer, the poor struggle to get what ever break they can get, corruption is just getting worse and worse. Maybe everyone should have paid more attention to government and econ class to clearly see how stupid some of you people may be.

  • Universal Healthcare IS the answer

    While Obamacare isn't truly universal healthcare, universal healthcare IS the answer.

    Every American citizen has the RIGHT (yes, the Right) to basic healthcare, regardless of ability to pay.

    Does that mean Joe Person can go get X-Rays and MRI's because he has a headache? No. If you do have the ability to pay then you can pay for these "premium" services.

    But things like basic checkups, physicals, preventative care should be covered.

    No American should die because of lack of access to healthcare. If America wants to be considered the greatest country in the world, then it should treat its citizens as such.

    Not to mention, giving everyone access to preventative and basic healthcare PREVENTS drastic healthcare costs in the long run (thus saving money), when their minor ailments develop into disease.

  • The health system was a mess before obamacare

    What Obamacare means is that the poor can receive the healthcare they deserve. Previously the poor just had to stay sick just because they got sacked a few months ago, or even their children. By providing the necessary money for healthcare, the poor won't stay sick, but justice will prevail. And BobbyYaz, I agree education and jobs are good, however inevitably people will get unlucky, and when they're unlucky they deserve healthcare to keep them well, and energetic to get a job again. The whole idea that it is a waste of money is also ridiculous. You just need to balance priorities the poor's rightful healthcare before extending large profits of the wealthy.

    Posted by: pete

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