• Repeal and replace it with single payer healthcare instead

    When it comes to the Obamacare debate, there Are not just two sides. We have the far-right douchebags Who don't care for human decent. Then there Are the corporate democrats Who want to sound liberal to appeal to their base, but in reality all they want is to keep Obamacare. The third bracket is easily the most popular in the US, universal healthcare aka single-payer. Yes, believe it or not, a majority of the American people want single-payer. Polls show about 80% of democrats support it, and Even 51% of republicans. The total amount is currently 62% of Americans Who support a single-payer healthcare system. It provides healthcare to every citizen, and prioritizes based on need, instead of money. The cost is, contrary to popular belief, smaller than the cost of the current system, due to the lack of the unnecessary middle-men in the healthcare companies. If you look at the countries that have implemented this system, almost all of them Lie above the US in terms of living standards. This issue is not Even debatable, replace Obamacare with a single-payer healthcare system now

  • Insurance is not the problem.

    The real problem with healthcare in the US is that people are fat and lazy and think doctors should "fix" them. Also, there is not a free market healthcare system in the US. Free Market health care and free market pharmaceuticals would end a lot of the unethical medical billing practices. With the technology we have today, a technician can perform a full body CT scan for checkups and if their is nothing wrong or abnormal, why would a doctor need to even see it? Why can I not go get a CT scan done and just choose to look at it myself? Why do average doctors think they deserve to be paid as much as other doctors who are much more competent and much smarter? There are countries with free market health care that are more advanced than we are and yet are so cheap that people from US can fly to them, have surgery, and fly back for less than their copay would be with "Insurance."

  • Taxes, taxes, taxes!!!

    Obamacare covers over 20 million patients, so a repealing of the socialized medicine program would need to come with a replacement. However, many people are not satisfied with Obamacare in its current state. It costs businesses billions of dollars every year, and not just big businesses but small businesses. On top of that, a large portion of taxpayer dollars goes towards the program. A better program would lower taxes on us by only giving Obamacare to those who need it.

  • Improve it. Don't kill it

    Nobody doubts that Obamacare has failed. That being said, should we repeal it? No. It already insures a significant portion of our population. I think that it needs improvement so that it is more cost effective. For example, one could increase the punishment for insurance scams. Obamacare could also pay for a higher standard than is currently accepted.

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