• Yes, shut it down already

    Yes, Obamacare is a socialist, government-run, mandatory version of healthcare. People thought it would be heaven on earth: free health insurance for everyone! Well, remember the good old saying that free cheese is only available in mousetraps. The mousetrap will snap and hurt lots of people. Wake up and shut it down!

  • Yes, Obamacare should be repealed.

    As of now, I haven't heard from anyone who is happy about Obamacare. It has impacted people I know, such as raising premium prices for people who already have health insurance, forcing people to get health insurance who cannot afford it, and the like. It has also caused mass confusion for people, and it really wasn't ready to be rolled out. Being forced to do something is not a very American concept, especially when it's something that benefits insurance companies. It would be nice to see it repealed.

  • Obamacare isn't going away, deal with it.

    The worst nightmare of Republicans has come true: Obamacare is in effect, it is working for millions of people, and they see that it is good. This program is saving money, and it's saving lies. I now can get regular health care I couldn't get before, thanks to it. It's a great program.

  • Obamacare should not be shut down.

    Obamacare should not be shut down. Obamacare provides healthcare basically for all those who would not be able to afford it otherwise. I think that so far Obamacare has worked like its supposed to. However, it is a new system and it will take some time for it to be perfect.

  • Reworked, not shut down

    The Affordable Care Act has had a lot of problems up to this point, but as the president himself has stated, suggest an alternative. We can't just uproot it and think everything will settle back into place nice and tidily, if we are to improve on it, let's do so. With ideas, not just saying it stinks.

  • No, just fixed

    Obamacare is a great concept and President Obama had a great idea when he tried to start it. However with all of the push back from other members of the government, he couldn't create free healthcare in the way that he wanted. Other countries provide their citizens with free healthcare without breaking the bank. America should not have to be any different, everyone just needs to realize everyone is equal and deserves the same chances and opportunities in life, including access to affordable healthcare.

  • Obamacare Will Take Time

    Rolling out something as massive as universal health care for all of America is a daunting task and a task that will not be complete until all of the problems it causes are looked at. It is unreasonable to believe such a large program would debut without a flaw, there are too many things that could, will, and have gone wrong. With that said, I do not think having to address a few problems is a reason to shut the program down entirely.

  • I do not believe Obamacare should be shut down

    I am opposed to any effort to shut down Obamacare. It is a comprehensive, common-sense approach to spreading our nation's skyrocketing health care costs in a more even manner. It does this, among other ways, by requiring that health insurance is guaranteed issue, removes any caps on coverage amounts, and requires a basic minimum amount of services covered under health care plans. While it may not be perfect, our current health care crisis could not wait for a perfect plan.

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