• Everyone needs to pay for their own insurance.

    Let's stop laying for other peoples insurance! Why are we responsible for other peoples wrong doings?? Why should people who work have to pay for their insurance, but poor people just get there's for free?? Makes no sense. Most people are capable for working. If you don't have any significant health problem then you need to stop being lazy and make some money to pay for things!

  • Obamacare is a prime example of governmental arrogance, overreach, and ineptitude.

    In a nation of over 300 million individuals, it is impossible for the government to determine what is best for everyone, but that didn't stop the government from doing it anyway. Few things are more personal than an individual's healthcare choices; and few things are more private. Yet the government swept these considerations aside and forced Obamacare on all because of the underlying assumption that "government knows best". Even now, over a month after enrollments were supposed to begin, millions of people who researched, compared, and decided for themselves the level of coverage that was best for them, and were satisfied with balance between the costs and the coverage they had chosen have had their policies cancelled and will now be forced to enroll in cookie-cutter plans approved by a government that presumes to know better what the people need than the people themselves.
    The government has bit off more than it can chew by attempting to control the healthcare industry, and by extension the insurance industry and individual citizens with this legislation. By seizing power over the healthcare industry, the government has claimed the right to pick winners and losers; in essence, it has now politicized the healthcare industry. Now all benefits will be weighed by political considerations (Maternity care for all - even men! Birth control for all - even seniors! Abortions for everyone - even those with moral objections!). This is the future of healthcare in the U.S. And because the government will be picking the winners and not the marketplace, the whole healthcare structure is destined for collapse and an eventual total government takeover at an enormous cost that will likely cripple the economy for years.
    Finally, the government is incapable of running the healthcare industry with anything approaching efficiency. Efficient government is like tomorrow: It never comes. Incompetence will be the predominant trait of Obamacare, and it has already begun. The current web site issues are only the tip of the iceberg. The whole structure is unsustainable because, like a Ponzi scheme, it depends on new investors to pay for the old investors. In this case the new investors are the young and healthy, who will be asked to pay higher premiums in order to subsidize the old and infirm. The problem is the young and healthy often cannot afford healthcare at such premiums, and often don't want it because they are young and healthy. This is proving to be the case as enrollment numbers are extremely low among that demographic. Many if not most will pay the uninsured penalty "tax" because it is far cheaper than the high premiums.
    Obamacare, therefore, is an arrogant, misguided and ultimately doomed structure. It should be stopped now before it collapses on its own and takes us all down with it.

  • I'll let another source say it

    "Obamacare really is terrible policy. Let me start out with a basic credo which is that the key to innovation and value creation in any significantly complex system is the deconcentration of decision-making and unstructured trial-and-error. The problem with the American system has been centralized control (by Government and private insurers) which, along with subsidy, has created cost inflation and grievous inefficiencies. Obamacare takes America decisively in the direction of more central control. This on its own would be catastrophic (rationing, etc.). The reason why it’s extremely catastrophic is that virtually all healthcare innovation comes from the US. The existence of centrally-controlled healthcare systems in Europe and Canada has placed US liberals under the illusion that a centrally-controlled healthcare system is desirable for the US. The problem is that the centrally-controlled systems outside the US have improved healthcare from their citizens only by importing US innovations. They managed to deliver somewhat-appropriate care through price controls because these innovations could cover their cost of capital in the US. If the US moves to a centrally-controlled system (again, even if the central controller is insurers), Obamacare just may completely destroy healthcare innovation worldwide. This isn’t hyperbole. And this isn’t even the worst. The worst is that since healthcare innovation would be destroyed everywhere, we wouldn’t even know innovation has been destroyed. (Just like we don’t know how many life-saving medicines the FDA killed, or how many geniuses were prevented from developing their talents in America by immigration restrictions, or how many more successful companies we could have if it was easier to IPO.) Which would make the political prospects of reversing the process daunting. If you think this is fearmongering, the experience of Europe, again, is illuminating. Most Europeans think they have pretty good healthcare–until they see how many treatments they are denied that exist in the US. No, the US system is far from perfect. But Obamacare really is absolutely awful. (Here’s the most important thing you need to read on healthcare: How American Healthcare Killed My Father)." From this guy http://www.Forbes.Com/sites/pascalemmanuelgobry/

  • Universal healthcare cares

    The rights of the individual as up held by the charter of human rights obligates nations to provide adequate health care for its citizens. The USA fails in its standing as a 1st world nation to not provide accessible healthcare. Other nations have progressively provided universal health care for their citizens. It is time to step up and keep the nation healthy

  • Single Payer System

    Sure the Affordable Care Act should be stopped. Honestly who trusts insurance companies to look out for our best interests when legally they are obligated to do whatever they can to turn a profit. Of course a single payer system would solve all these problems but that would be "Socialism". But if you like capitalism you should like the Affordable Care Act because that's what it is a market.

  • I believe Obamacare is the solution to this country's health care problem

    Because of Obamacare more power will be given to the people while power will be taken away from the insurance companies. This is true because Obamacare makes it so that the insurance companies can only make a 20 percent profit so if they make more then they have to send you the extra amount that they didn't spend on covering your health costs. Also the insurance companies will have to write their contracts in real English not in their very confusion language which will help the consumer in identifying secret costs that the insurers are trying to keep secret. Lastly, as affordable care act roles in a new market place will come which will allow people interested in getting insurance to compare prices and because of this insurance companies will have to compete and lower their costs.

    Also the affordable care act also known as Obamacare will make insurance cheaper. It will do this by letting individuals who earn 15000 dollars or less or families who earn 20000 or less annually to be eligible for medicaid and federal subsidies. Obamacare will also give more benefits to the consumers by letting people get free vaccines, make the out of pocket cost max at 6000 dollars, and they also cant be denied coverage if they have a pre-existing condition. The only reason for why the coverage for the middle class might rise a little bit is because there will be more benefits for each coverage and because the insurance companies look at the new market Obamacare is creating as a new beginning so they want to start out with high prices since as time passes slowly they will have to lower their prices because of competition.
    Im pretty sure you are wondering how Obamacare will be able to do all of this great stuff for us Americans. They will do this by increasing taxes and health coverage costs for the rich and taxing the people in the medical industry. This will actually save money for the American Government while improving the lives of Americans all across the country.
    So all in all Obamacare will increase benefits, lower health insurance costs for the lower and middle class, and take away power from the insurance companies.

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