• Yes it should.

    For starters it added 27 new taxes to help pay for it, and the last thing we need is new taxes. Also it is destroying jobs, as small businesses and other orginizations are shortening hours, not hiring, and in somecases letting people go because they can not afford to provide them with healthcare. Also healthcare should not be handled by the national government, it should be a state issue. There are many things in the act that would be worth keeping if moved to the state level. As it is the law gives to much power to the national government and is overly socialist.

  • People are losing coverage.

    Yes, Obamacare laws should be recalled, because many businesses have not been able to make ends meet with the increased requirements for health insurance. As a result, people are losing their health care and being sent to the health exchanges, even though they are not as good. People are also losing work hours. It is not a positive situation.

  • It should be revised

    No, I do not believe that the Obamacare laws should be recalled. I do, however, believe that they should be revised. In some cases, if a person is unemployed, how would they be able to afford health care at any price? I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to receive health care even if they are not able to pay for it.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act should not be recalled. There are too many people including myself who are now covered under Medicaid who would not be covered otherwise. In many cases, these people have insurance for the first time as adults. It also had positive benefits of allowing children to stay on their parents insurance until they were 26 and not discriminating against pre existing conditions.

  • Not at all

    The Affordable Care Act should not be recalled because it does a lot of good for the country. It will help to reduce the deficit as well as to provide health care for every citizen in the country. We could tweak some ideas to make them better, but not recall it.

  • Obamacare Should Stay

    I believe everyone has a gripe of some sort with Obamacare, but to call the entire act useless is not the best course of action. I do not believe the Affordable Health Care Act should be recalled. I believe we should attempt to fix what is wrong with it by amending it.

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