• Yes, it should.

    It will be a great honor for the people of Chicago if Obama decides to give his farewell address from that state. It his his home state and so this will be an opportunity to thank them for building his political career, remember he started as a senator rising up to be the president. This will be a thanksgiving and a farewell event at the same time.

  • I don't suppose it really matters

    I think Obama should hold his farewell address from whatever location he finds fit. It really doesn't matter where he is when he gives the speech. What matters is what is in the address. I know that it will be great no matter where Obama is standing physically. His words are always well-thought and powerful.

  • It is his home.

    Yes, Obama should make his last address in Chicago, because that is where he came from. Obama had a large victory party in Chicago when he first won office. He should share that kind of community spirit again and deliver a public address there once again. His community is ready to welcome him home.

  • Yes, Obama should give his farewell address in Chicago.

    Barack Obama should be allowed to give his farewell address anywhere he wants to. I am sure there will be plenty of television cameras there and the address will most likely be broadcast for everyone to see, if they so choose. Most people will not even notice that he is in Chicago and not DC.

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