• Yes and the reason being it is too easy to get a gun.

    What do you need an assault rifle for, your collection? Innocent lives are taken every year and I believe this to be a step in the right direction. I believe people should be able to buy guns with the proper background check.

  • Yes, it is time to curb gun ownership.

    Gun ownership in the United States is out of hand. There is no reason an individual needs to own military grad weapons in a peaceful nation. The issue of gun ownership extends beyond the issue of school shootings, but onto a larger, broader, issue of violence and gun deaths in America as a whole.

  • Yes, this is the time for doing this

    President Obama has historically been very good about working with several different groups. From what I have read, his proposals are not over the top and try to keep the best interests of the American People in mind. Isn't that the type of thing we want from our elected officials? I think yes.

  • Come on it's time to be more realistic

    In high school I learned that the country Brizal while its people were thinking or just about to pass a law that would ban guns from its own citizens and those who were allowed were police officials and military personnel but they at the last minute decided not to because they thought of what if criminals those who didn't obey the law what if they wouldn't give their guns and started harming and killing people who had no way of protecting themselves that's why this law didn't make it into Brizal because the people knew this law wouldn't do any good in Their country and it won't do any good in this country and it would only give the government anther leverage over the people

  • No, legal gun owners should not be punished for the acts of criminals

    Guns being seized or no longer available for sale legally has no affect on criminals who commit crimes. Criminals have their own network and black market and will simply steal or buy under the counter their guns. But it does have an effect on law abiding citizens who are no threat to anyone. Limiting good citizens from obtaining guns legally and safely will only result in more crime and more murders as the good citizens of the USA will no longer have easy access to the weapons needed to defend against criminals.

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