Should Obama's inaugural address have spoken more about job creation?

  • Jobs Should Have Been the Priority All Along

    Job creation should have been the priority for Obama's administration all along. The Keystone XL pipeline, new construction, better trade, public transportation initiatives and more should have been the cornerstone of Obama's second presidency. Instead, he's trying to push forth a longer-term agenda. That may work 10 years from now, but for right now Americans need jobs as opposed to long-term growth. We can do short-term job gains now and work out long-term deals after more people have steady paychecks.

  • We Need Work

    I believe Obama's inaugural address should have contained more information about job creation. The problem with current job creation statistics is the fact that they don't point out that most of our "new" jobs are indeed low paying, useless options. Our country needs to expand and create more jobs that pay living wages.

  • Obama's inaugural address should have spoken more about job creation.

    Obama's inaugural address should have spoken more about job creation. I think that there is limitations to what the President can do when it comes to forming jobs in America but I think that he should be exploring every option. The more that we give Americans jobs then the more the economy will recover.

  • Yes, his inaugural address should have addressed job creation

    The economy is hurting. Many people do not have jobs. Those who do are probably over-educated for the job they have. Instead of talking about social issues like immigration, he should have focused on getting America out of the financial crisis it’s in and addressing job creation would have done that.

  • Obama Should Have Spoken More About Job Creation During His Inaugural Address

    Obama certainly should have spoken more about job creation at his inaugural address. The matter is one of the most important issues of today. People want to know what is being done and what will be done to enable them to secure jobs or better jobs. At this time unemployment is a huge issue and we need to know what is in store.

  • Yes, he should have pushed job creation.

    Obama's inaugural address was quite inspiring on social issues, and I do believe it was his best speech since becoming president. Perhaps it was addressing his real agenda for the next four years. I really believe he wants to leave a good legacy behind him of social change. However, you cannot get people all fired up for change and not give them the means to do that. FDR's New Deal got America back into recovery and gave people hope for the future. Obama should have pushed the issue of stimulating economic growth beyond just doing temporary fixes to the economy by shuffling taxes and revenue around. We have all sorts of work on the infrastructure that needs to be done and that could provide work for Americans, but recently I read that there is work being done on the bridges in the San Francisco area that was contracted out to a Chinese company. We need to work as a nation to bring jobs back to Americans. We need to both rebuild our infrastructure and seriously make a commitment to buy American. Obama should have talked about that.

  • Lip service doesn't count for anything.

    I think at this point, we should simply take for granted that any Presidential agenda is going to include job creation. Paying lip service to it in an inauguration speech might have been promising for some. But I'd rather see what he does when he's not at the grandstand, in the form of actual policy and legislation, that's what matters.

  • No there was not a need

    I don't think Obama is doing a good job and think he is way off topic on what he is looking to do with the country. With that said I do not think that the inaugural address was the place to address the job creation issue. The state of the union is the time for that.

  • No

    I think it was for the best that Obama's inaugural address wasn't focused more on job creation. I think that only would have given people an excuse to call him a bad President if we didn't see immediate improvement. Job creation is not going to be an instant thing and if Obama had focused on it in his speech it would have led to people once more saying he didn't do anything he said he would.

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