Should obese children be removed from their parents?

  • Yes, if the parents are neglecting them.

    If the parents are doing a poor job of feeding them, then the child should be removed. If the parents have talked to the child's doctor and decided to feed the child healthy food with smaller portions the child should not be removed, but if they show know signs of stopping giving the child unhealthy food and it is becoming a serious health problem, he/she should. I think that mostly younger children should be removed because, like the other person said, kids can also snack at school, an older children and teens can usually obtain junk food more easily.

  • Yes, in severe cases.

    Yes, obese children should be removed from their parents in severe cases, because this is a form of neglect, just as any other abuse or neglect. Feeding a child inappropriately is just as bad as not feeding them enough. When a parent will not do their job, the state should intervene to make sure that these children are not harmed.

  • No, I was an obese child, Being taken away from my family and put with strangers sounds much more traumatic than being overweight!

    This idea gives the government way more power than they should ever have and sounds like a method of control through fear, Doctors shouldn’t have this much power either. Also if they were put with foster parents a lot of mental and emotional abuse goes on in those homes, And those weight loss camps sound like a nesting ground for abuse. So is obesity worse than PTSD and anxiety throughout one’s life? I sure don’t think so.

  • No, What's Next?

    Taking away children because their overweight is like taking away children because their to skinny. Weight can be controlled and monitered but what about when the child goes to school? They can buy snacks or choose not to eat. Yes, the parent can watch them but only to certain points. It's not always the parents fault.

  • No, obese children should not be removed from their parents.

    Removing children from their parents is a traumatic and unnecessary step in the fight against obesity. What should be done is education and systematic changes. Educating, without force, attacks the central problem--poor lifestyles. Systematic changes--which focuses on better access to healthier foods and exercise programs/equipment--is a necessary supplement to further this cause. Taking children away from their parents causes unnecessary distress that could further complicate the problems associated with obesity, not resolve them.

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