• Yes take them away

    If momma gives um chicken and icecream then they should be taken away. It is the momma's fault for having fat kids. So you just take them away and then they become skinny cause they arent eating anymore chicken and icecream. I love america so lets make kids nonfat. Amen

    Posted by: puff
  • Some parents give in

    According to what I have seen and have suspected as to why some kids children are obesed is because some parents would give them what they want depending on the parent, wether they are lazy, annoyed, or just like spoiling the kid too much. I understand that some parents would like to give their kids a better life than theirs, they still meed to know common sense, responsibility, and be shown just a little bit of smart decision making, their parents are their role models after all

  • Yes, it's a form of Child Abuse.

    When a parent chooses to endanger their child by not feeding them, or just simply neglecting the child it is a form a child abuse...Much like a parent that chooses to over feed their children into the point of obesity. An obese child has risks of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, asthma, and a range of mental diseases such as depression.

  • Some parents lack either the willpower, responsibility and/or knowledge.

    Parents are responsible for the health of their children. Removing children is often used as last resort, which means parents with obese children either lack the willpower to stand up to their children or are in denial about their children's health. While it is heartbreaking to remove a child from a parent, what is loss of a child for 6months/1 year compared against the child's multiplying health problems, a decrease in standard of living, and an early death? An intervention of a year early on could be saving 15 years of their life later.

    I highly doubt they would restrict the parent's visitation rights. I feel what it really comes down to is that no one wants to be publicly labeled as a bad parent. However, sometimes a dose of shame is needed to make people realize their priority should be on what is best for their children.

  • Yes. Because on the fact that it's for the better.

    If the parents think that their child is now very obese, then the parents will think that it's for the better that their children will be taken away. Another thing, it is not permanently. It's just temporarily. The parents should not be worried because we can ensure that the government can care the children for TEMPORARY care only.

  • Yes they Absolutely should be ripped from there dangerous parents.

    I think if a parent is too blind to see that there beloved child is having a hard time fitting through the doorway, then they should not be considered caring parents. What is so hard in telling your kid enough is enough especially if his or her life depends on it?

  • Some people are stupid.

    For all of you people saying yes... Why? Not all obese people are unhealthy. A child is a child. If they are unhealthy, the parent should be talked to and taught how to help their child. But just because they are obese doesn't mean that they are unhealthy. According to, "health is determined by complex interactions between social and economic factors, the physical environment and individual behavior. These factors are referred to as 'determinants of health'. They do not exist in isolation from each other. It is the combined influence of the determinants of health that determines health status." Nowhere does it say that just one thing determines if you are unhealthy, nowhere does it say that if you are obese you are unhealthy. BEING OBESE ISN'T THE ONLY WAY TO BE UNHEALTHY! I think that all you ignorant people out there have to learn a bit more before you start puking trash out of your mouths (like always).

  • I have an obese child

    Those who believe an obese child should be ripped away from their parents are operating under a system of generalizations. This is not black and white-there is a grey area as with many issues. Every journey is personal and my daughter's is one we take as a family in conjunction with her pediatrician. The reasons for her obesity are our business and I don't owe anyone an explanation. If those on the other side of the issue are bothered by seeing her, don't look! Also, I would strongly suggest that many of you take a grammar and comp.101 class as your responses were difficult to decipher.

  • Obesity in children is a problem that needs parental support.

    Obesity stems from several avenues and not just overeating. Regardless of the cause of a child being obese, they should never be taken away from their parents for this reason. Some people eat when they are depressed and what can be more depressing for a child than to be torn away from their loved ones? So, this would only make the child's situation worse. Proper education on eating healthy and exercise should be an option for the family to try. If that doesn't solve the problem, then let the family love each other for who they are, fat and all!

  • Doesn't Make Sense

    How can anyone justify that a child can be taken away from their parents just because they are obese? I get that the idea here is if the parent is over-feeding the child, but there would be no "fool-proof" way to prove that even if it was justifiable. Some children are heavy because of glandular issues or genetic makeup. This is as ridiculous of an argument as saying that a white child should be taken away from his adoptive black parents because they are different races.

  • Too drastic

    Obesity is a definite health problem, but taking a child away from parents should be a last resort. Simply having a fat kid isn't abuse-- it might be because the parents don't know how to properly feed the child, can't afford healthy food, are too indulgent when the child begs for treats, or any number of reasons. If the child's health is at risk, it should be investigated and dealt with appropriately, but taking the child away should almost never be the right choice.

  • No Way

    No obese children should not be taken away from parents. A bond with a parent is the strongest connection humans have. A better idea would be mandatory counselling for parents and children if the child's body mass index gets above an established threshold. This step would be mandatory for the parent, and if things did not improve then the loss of the child could be a result.

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M4Sherman says2015-04-29T05:01:28.457
For the most part? No. Some responsibility relies on the child to watch their own weight. Unless, of course, the parent is intentionally trying to make their kid obese. By the least, they do need to be educated in health, so the child knows not to over-eat.

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