Should obese people have higher health insurance premiums?

  • For most, obesity is a lifestyle choice!

    I choose to work out every day, I drag myself out of bed in freezing temperatures, when I am exhausted to work out and stay fit, it would be easy to sit down and just eat, an unhealthy lifestyle is addictive, the less you do, the less you want to do. Why should my premiums go up 54%, when I am struggling to pay for health care, because of the masses who chose to not stay fit. It is the most unfair system there is.

  • Exercise is not easy.

    Exercise is a choice. If someone wants to sit on their butt and eat all day, that is their choice. Your body is a temple, respect it. Why should the rich have to pay for those who have no respect for themselves. If it comes to it, I think the amount of exercise a person does should be monitored and gets them money off their healthcare premium. At the minimum, obese people should not get the same healthcare opportunities. If I am on a waiting list for a new heart, I deserve it more than an obese person, because the likelihood of success of the operation is much higher for me, and they are most likely just going to treat their new heart like they did their old heart. Maybe, I am not a nice person but this is not fair.

    A lot of people, like myself do not enjoy exercise, but I do it to stay healthy, so I can live longer. Now I am not saying the obese do not deserve healthcare, they should just pay more since they do not put in the same care. Stop eating fast food and 6000 calories a day. I like eating to, just not more than life itself. Just as smokers have to pay a higher premium, obese people should as well. Smoking cigarettes is a choice, just as eating 6000 calories a day and not getting any exercise.

    But i feel this issue goes beyond healthcare. The amount of calories people intake through liquids, like soda is much too high. America needs to tax soda like it does cigarettes. We should not let these beverage corporations do this to our country

  • Weight is controllable

    As a previously obese person, I can tell you first-hand that you can control your weight. Contrary to popular belief, eating healthy is NOT more expensive than eating junk & processed foods which are high in sugar & sodium and contribute to weight gain. Making a more healthy choice is not difficult...You've just got to want it. Increases in the Health Insurance could give a percentage of people the incentive to want it.

  • Obesity is a choice

    I hardly ever go to the doctor. Why? Because I take care of myself. Why should I pay more to take care of people who have made to decision to live unhealthy. It is unfair! The premiums I pay should be used for my family only. It should not go the the millions of people who choose not to have self control. If you decided to live the obesity life style you should have the finances to take care of your self inflicted problems!

  • Obesity is a choice

    The bottomline is that obesity causes a significant increase in healthcare costs. In determining primary cause, it's important not that the issue is much worse 1) in the US and 2) in recent generations. Those two facts indicate that heredity is NOT the primary cause, rather it is lifestyle. It's time for people to start taking responsibility for their actions.

  • Obesity is WORSE than smoking

    If you can charge higher premiums to smokers, than why not charge more for obesity or at least severely obese. It is a documented fact that obese people will use a greater number of medical resources which are directly related to their body mass. Back problems, hip problems, tumors, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease rates are higher in obese people.

  • Yes, Bad Health Decisions Should Lead to Increased Insurance Premiums

    Many times, obesity comes from making poor nutrition decisions. Although I can empathize with those who have pre-existing conditions that force them to be obese, being overweight can be minimized by changing your daily lifestyle habit. Obesity leads to life-debilitating conditions like diabetes. Diabetes costs other insurance holders a lot of money too.

    In the same way cigarette smokers have to pay more, so should the obese.

  • Yes, you are putting your health at a higher risk.

    If you are willing to put your health at risk for the means of food, then you should be willing to pay higher Premiums. Being obese puts you at a higher risk for medical problems. If your obese because of health issues then this doesn't concern you, but if your obese from overeating you need to either lose weight or face the rise in your premium.

  • Obesity is a choice

    Obesity is a choice and it increases the cost of health care by 20%
    Therefore, those who choose to be obese should bear the added cost. If you don't believe obesity is a choice, consider the facts: 1) we are much more obese than other countries, 2) we are much more obese than we were in previous generations. Hereditary cannot explain those facts, only lifestyle can.

  • Insurance should be based on individual lifestyle choices

    We should not increase insurance rates of obese individuals because they are obese, that would completely miss the real problem. Instead, people who regularly exercise, eat healthy foods, and do not smoke should receive discounts on health insurance due to a lower probability of needing health care. As a result, people who indulge in poor lifestyle choices would pay the standard rate and those that made healthy choices would pay less as a result of those healthy choices. The end result is the same, unhealthy people would pay more than healthy people, but it is hard to argue against discounts for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Ridiculous Insurance Notions

    Obese people should not have to pay higher premiums. Thin people can get just as many diseases or health problems. Think of all the women who get breast cancer. Are all obese? No, of course not! How about men who get prostate cancer. Are all of them obese? Of course not! Some people who are obese never get sick. To make people pay more for insurance over other people is discrimination and whoever started this notion needs to rethink their opinion.

  • You bet! Fat people are bad and should pay more!

    So should runners though...They are prone to leg injuries...And people who travel....They choose to expose themselves and others to exotic diseases. Also, firefighters and policeman should probably not be insured at all. Same for anyone who skis, or is involved in extreme sports. Really any sports. And especially the self-righteous and judgmental, because they are way more likely to get injured from being kicked really hard. Bunch of egomaniacal assholes.

  • No They Should Not Have Higher Premiums

    Obese people should not have higher health insurance premiums than others. I realize that they have a bigger risk of health problems but that is not a good enough reason to charge them more. Doing so would be ridiculously stupid in my opinion. You could argue that it is discrimination as well.

  • Obesity Should Be Seen As A Symptom Not a Cause of Medical Illness

    More medical research needs to go into the cause of obesity as it is often overlooked and blamed as the cause of other illnesses. Correlation does not equate cause. Insurance companies will not cover weight loss, nutrition or bariatric surgery. Just because a person is overweight it does not mean they are at fault. Many studies are now showing that obesity is genetic and sometimes even caused by other medical issues. So many doctors won't look into underlying issues, they just blame it on the person being overweight.

  • What about equality and extra work/costs?

    Forcing overweight people to pay more is not equal! Everyone should have to pay the same amount of money for health care! Also, how would the government decide whether or not someone is overweight? Think about all the extra costs! Will some kind of officer go from home to home, weighing people, and deciding whether they are overweight or not? It is also a form of bullying, because we are also officially labeling obese people as a burden on society! It is simply unfair and illogical. Obese people should NOT have to pay higher health care premiums.

  • Insurance companies get more money

    By making them pay more, you aren't paying less. The insurance companies are able to pocket the extra money. Instead, people should be given discounts for promoting healthy lifestyles. That way anyone can qualify and it gives an incentive for people to pay more attention to their weight and stop the obesity epidemic

  • Extremely unfair to women!

    There are thin people who exhibit high risk behavior or have family histories that will cause them to develop medical problems...But because their BMI is normal their premiums are less.
    Ridiculous! Unfair! Un-American! I don't know many adults...Especially women, who have a BMI in the normal range...It is not an accurate indicator of good health.

  • No, obese people should not have higher health premiums.

    This notion is ridiculous, especially since people who are obese will likely need to visit the doctor more often. This means that they will have to pay more in medical bills than those who are healthier. Charging obese people more in health insurance is a form of discrimination, and will likely deter those who are overweight from getting the health treatments they need.

  • No way obese people have higher health insurance premiums

    I am active, have a farm which requires hours of daily physical work, have a career that requires being active, eat right, and am over weight. I've been working at loosing weight for 2 years and it's like pulling teeth with pliers to get it off; painful and slow.
    Charging people more for not meeting subjective weight charts is discriminatory and socialistic. I hope that the civil rights groups get involved and do not allow this to be implemented. Genetics, medications, pesticides, (Dr. Oz re: obese-gens) herbicides, and other chemicals in our foods also contribute to weight. I gained a mt. Of weight on heart drugs and analogs used to treat medical conditions; it's been rough getting it off and it's coming off very slow. After reading posts of the high and mighty who think that people are over weight only due to eating junk food and not exercising need attitude adjustments and to be educated. I know thin people who have high blood pressure and other health issues.
    Maybe people who spend hours in the sun and or go to tanning booths should have to pay more because their sun exposure gives them a higher chance of skin cancer? How about charging people who eat a diet high in fish higher premiums due to high toxic metal exposure? Charging people for being over weight/obese is just a ridiculous!

  • Not a fan of regulation

    BMI is not perfect but it does give a relatively good indication for weight. People confuse overweight with obese. Obese is a BMI over 30 with some wiggle room for build. I would put a cut off after BMI 37 for so. Most people have no idea and don't want to hear that the majority of their health problems are due to being tremendously overweight. We are not talking about losing 20-40 pounds. It's estimated that 65% or more of health problems and many of them the most common are a direct cause of being obese or morbidly obese, not overweight. The only way to try toget costs down is offering incentive for bein healthy. I don't ultimately think more regulation as a punishment should be implemented because it doesn't really help any body in the long run. There will be more obese folks with no health care and healthy persons premiums won't go down. Not a good solution. There are also the few relatively healthy people who are obese but they really are few and far between. Many extremely overweight people have No idea just how bad it is for your health.

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Anonymous says2013-06-27T23:14:28.547
Yes!!!!!! The obese should pay more. Just like the smokers already do.