Should obese people have their health benefits cut?

  • Absolutely for those where this is within there control

    There are so many obese people now that these benefits cost the taxpayer hundreds of millions each year. For a large proportion of these individuals getting to that state is totally within their control. Trouble is liberals want to label these people with disorders. Far too easy these day but at the end of the day the problem for the majority is far overeating, no exercise and tax payers should nor pay for those who want to sit at home all day eating eating and eating.

    I cannot belive people would compare this to cancer. I have a friend who use yo work as a university lecturer. Now has a huge tumor on his back. Had operations to relocate two of his ribs, place them in his back to support the wait of this tumor. There is medication out there that would kill the tumor. He has paid his taxes but can no longer work. TheNNEW hospital will not pay for this medication because it cost £200k. However they are happy to spent £1m each year in treatment and care and benefit for an obease man who by his own definition got yo the weight of over 35stone through eating.

    Absolute disgrace if you ask me.

  • No, healthcare should be universal.

    No, obese people should not have their health benefits cut. Neither should people with cancer, smokers, or diabetics. Quality healthcare is a basic human right, and should be available to everyone, regardless of their current health status. Not everyone who is overweight is eating too much. Many have underlying medical conditions that they can not control.

  • No, that's crazy.

    There are a lot of factors that go into whether a person is overweight or not, and some of the times it's things they don't really have control over (like prescribed medication). Having a body type like that is a choice for some people that should be respected. Not all of them are unhealthy either, just like how not all thin people are healthy.

  • Of course not!

    Obesity is a medical condition. Why cut medical benefits to people with a medical condition? It is completely illogical. Should we cut medical benefits to other people with medical conditions? Of course, some personal choice can cause obesity, but not in all cases; plus, the obese can benefit from medical assistance in losing weight.

  • No, obese people should not have their benefits cut

    One could argue that an individual becoming obese is totally within their control and as a result any medical issues that arise from an obese condition is also within that individual’s control so on that basis their benefits should be cut. The problem with that thought is there are so many things that people do that ultimately affect their health that if that was the basis for cutting benefits, no one would have health benefits. For instance, if a smoker develops cancer, does their insurance not cover them because they smoked? If you are a nurse and you catch some virus from a patient, does your insurance say “occupational hazard” we won’t cover your doctor’s visit and/or treatment because you are in a situation where you are exposed to sickly people therefore increasing your odds of getting sick. No, obese people should not have their benefits cut.

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