Should obese people have to pay more for their clothing as they use more materials?

Asked by: MoonGazer
  • This is a tough one but I have to say yes.

    It's not just obese people who pay more for clothes. Baby clothes cost less than the clothes I wear. Men's clothes cost more than mine. We live in a world that's all about money. So if it takes more fabric to makes stuff, it'll automatically cost more. It's not just clothes. The larger the bed, the more the sheets will cost. It's not crazy, it's capitalism.

  • Yes, you should

    Yes. If it costs more to make, you're going to be charged more. Suggesting that the market value of clothes to be a flat rate is not just asinine, but straight up a command-like economy, i.E. Socialism. If you are large enough to require extra services, I could care less if your weight is genes or self-inflicted, you are going to pay for those extra services. And yes, if your aggregate weight is the sum of two lesser persons then you should be charged for a second seat for air-travel.

  • Yes they should cost more

    My size 12 against a size 20 don't make me laugh how much more material in the larger size it's a no brainer. So keep large sizes the same price and lower the cost of smaller sizes. I agree some people are over weight due to health factors but majority just plain old overeating ..

  • I think they should

    Everybodys happy to pay extra for a large McDonald's meal or extra for a large pack of chips or a large chocolate bar or a large soft drink so if you are happy to pay for these dont moan when you have to pay for large clothes do i need to say more.

  • Healthy people should not be punished

    Weight and health are directly related. There must be an incentive to be healthy. If feeling and looking better are not a good enough incentive then maybe money will be. Most( not all) are over weight because of lifestyle choices. Why should I pay for their lifestyle choice. I exercise and eat right not because its fun but rather because its good for me. These same people already Make me pay more for health care. Sorry but get off the sofa and walk around the block. Maybe mix in a salad every now and then. Quit blaming other and do something about it. Healthy weight people pay extra everyday for Americas overweight. Subcompact cares are cheaper than SUV for a reason. Oh Christ next they will want those priced the same because they can fit into a regular car. Live longer and payless its as simple as that.

  • If it is an expensive fabric then yes

    The cost of the raw material is a significant proportion of the cost of the clothes to the manufacture and this increase is past on to the retailer. For example an XL wool fleece is about twice the weight of wool as a S. It is then up to the Retailer if they want to pass on this increase in cost. I see no moral issue in people paying more for getting more.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, I would expect to pay more for a larger portion size because it is more food, likewise I would expect to pay more for a larger clothing size because is more fabric. Plus size clothing is cutting into more of the company's raw material expenditure so therefore affecting the overall profit? There should be an equal ratio across all customers if it is twice the material then it should not be a flat £20 for both plus size and average sized customers, that is not equality.

    Posted by: Ktt
  • Pretty Sure They Already Do

    I believe that obese people should pay more for their clothing because it cost more money to produce. Of course, I don't really feel like my opinions matters here because I don't produce and sell clothing, nor am I obese. Having shopped for large clothing for family members, I can already tell you they pay more for their clothing, it's not a question of "should they."

  • $ labour, fabric and time

    Some points are that it takes up more fabric, time and labour to make plus sized clothing. It is the same thing with bed sheets no one ever even thinks about why we have to pay more for king sized sheets than a twin. So why should clothing be different?

  • Of course they should

    When you but clothes you pay for the materials and the labour. Just as adult clothes do and should cost more than children's clothes, then plus size clothes should cost more than normal sized clothes because they don't more to make. It is the only fair way to do it.

  • The clothing industry does not price this way.

    It is naive to claim that the clothing industry prices their clothes by how much material is used. The most expensive clothing per unit of fabric in America is BABY clothes, which use the LEAST fabric. In many cases my son's pants cost almost as much as mine.

    The law of supply and demand drives the clothing industry. And considering that the average clothing size for women in America is a 14, considered "plus size", it is nonsensical that the average person should pay more for their clothing than the outliers.

  • Freedom of choice.

    It would favor smaller clothes that use less fabric. We are not talking about being fat or skinny here. Why would people having to pay more for a few extra centimeters of fabric if they are not comfortable showing their shoulders, for example?
    Also, there are dressing codes in some places. Would you like to have to pay more just to be able to dress properly to enter your favorite place?

    Posted by: Rafe
  • No, that's a poor sales strategy.

    And, when I said poor, I also mean that the company must be in some serious need of money to be that picky about their pricing strategy. Instead of pricing each xs, s, m, l, xl, xll, etc. At a different price it's far easier to just find an average price and charge all of them the same. People who buy the xs will be paying more, and people who are paying the xl will be paying less, but overall it balances out well enough.

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Quan says2013-08-19T18:41:33.677
A lot more goes into production than raw materials, and prices are ultimately driven by supply and demand anyway.