• Yes, I had to get off a plane because the woman next to me was so large that the crew said I couldn't 'safely' sit.

    On a sold-out flight, I was given a seat next to an obese woman who was so large that I actually couldn't fit next to her (I'm a short woman, neither skinny nor overweight, ~130 lbs). I had to spend an extra night (and extra $$) and take a plane the next day because the crew was too afraid to ask her to do so. I eventually got a 'refund' in the form an airline credit (that was less than what I paid for the one-way flight). Unacceptable. I did not get the service I paid for because of that woman!

  • Fat people should pay more

    Obese people they should lose weight or pay more. It's not fair if we have to sit there slouched over, because they are too obese. It's not our fault that they are just that big, so why do they pay the same amount? Everybody should stand up, and say they need to pay more.

  • Over weight people has now felt it is their RIGHT to be accommodated for their personal choice.

    I recently was on another flight for business and an obese you woman was in the window seat, I had the aisle. I sat down and put down the arm rest as she was talking over a quarter of my seat. After a minute she raised the arm rest and said "I am not sitting uncomfortable for two hours, the seat rest will have to be up, it is cutting into my leg". Not "would you mind if I raised the arm?". I responded that I would prefer the armrest down. This young woman promptly called over the flight attendant and stated she wanted the arm rest up as it was cutting into her. The Flight Attendant looked at me and stated "our customers with needs must be accommodated" for which I stated "on my seat?". The flight attendant just walked away and the woman stated very rudely "thank you for embarrassing me just because I am not small like you".
    It is the sense of entitlement that overweight people now believe they are "disabled". They have no problem demanding special treatment due to their lifestyle choice to be inactive, over eat and live an unhealthy lifestyle which in years to come has proved to cost the health care system billions due to heart attacks, type two diabetes etc.
    Mass travel requires the patients of ALL passengers and some enforced guidelines to keep things orderly and mildly comfortable. All means the obese also, be conscious of how your encroachment into an-others space is really upsetting them.

  • Pay for space

    If you are so fat that you take up two seats, you have to pay for two seats. If you genetically cannot lose weight then spend the plane ticked money on liposuction. And if the plane ticket isn't enough use your McDonalds money on it too.Problem solved fatties l o l.

  • Obesity is a choice, plain and simple.

    Unless obese people can give a reasonable explanation to why they're fat (like a genetic disorder), they don't really have an excuse. Maybe they should have thought about the expensive airline tickets when they were stuffing themselves with pies and cakes. The airline shouldn't be expected to hand out free seats to people and lose their own revenue.

  • BUT only if the flight is full

    If additional seats are still available, airlines should allow larger passengers to take 2 seats at no additional charge, as this would do no disservice to other customers. However, on a totally booked flight, if a passenger taking up more than 1 seat precludes another passenger from being on that flight, then he or she should have to pay for a 2nd seat. It's certainly not an ideal solution, since people can be overweight for any number of reasons that may or may not fall under their control, and since airplane seats are comically small to begin with. But the only party with 0 fault in this scenario is the smaller passenger unable to sit in the seat he or she purchased.

  • Its a choice to be fat and that's the price of their choices they .

    If an obese person wants to fly and if they occupy the same amount of space as two none obese people then yes, they should because its fair. No body shoved a bigmac down their throat, they did that all on their own and I see if they can manage to do that they can also pay for two seats hence how they're occupying both.
    Written from a young lady with overweight family members.

  • Let's do the math.

    What is heavier for the airplane to carry? A 400 pound man or a 170 pound man? Why must we pay absurd amounts for excess weight in the luggage whereas everyone pays the same price independently from their own weight? It's an outrage to both other people's comfort and other people's pocket.

  • Obesity is 99% preventable.

    Less than one percent of the obese people can't help being fat, but the other 99% can. Why must those buying a seat on an airline who have controlled their weight be uncomfortable by being squeezed in between these obese people? Its time the obese pay for their selfish indulgence.

  • Pay by weight.

    I fly internationally at least once a year and it is a nightmare being seated next to an obese person who takes up half my seat squashing me into a corner. I paid for my seat so I'm entitled to use it with the same degree of comfort as the fat person using both their seat and mine.

  • No no no no no this is pure discrimination!

    It's embarrassing enough please don't do that to us. I would love to be skinny but can't I've tried every way possible. I think the airlines should do some thing like providing bigger seats they make enough money out of us. I am sick of thin people thinking they are better than us!!!!!

  • Yes, I have a big personality, larger than life attitude and wide hips; but still I am one person and I pay for one seat!

    Thin, disrespectful people: get over yourselves. You judge us for what problems you THINK we have. I don't judge you for being sickly thin, for popping feel good pills, for your many failed relationships, for your mental illnesses--and the list goes on and on. Some of you are the most unhealthiest people I know. And yet, you think you are qualified to judge--get your life!!

    Please don't flatter yourselves--not all large people are humiliated, ashamed and embarrassed. Many of us live well productive, successful lives.' As a matter of fact, I graduated in the top of my class from a pretty well known university. I am successful in my business ventures and I make positive contributions to my community. I have great friendships and relationships. My husband adores me. I have been offered a new position based on my qualifications, skills, talents and wonderful personality. People love and respect me for my swag--not my size!!

    Airlines: businesses market/adjust to their customers, never do we expect the customer to adjust to our business--otherwise we would not profit. You make bigger seats, for bigger wallets. You need to start making bigger seats, for bigger hips.

    Potential business owners: there is obviously a niche/market in the travel industry geared to the larger population. I would love to see you take my idea and run with it. All I ask is that I (along with my fellow thick men/chics) get to travel with peace of mind and excellent customer service!!

    Supporters of The Living Large: I love you for standing up for what you believe in and accepting the concept that I(and other big people) are human and should be treated as such!! Thanks for keeping your humanity.

    Written by,

    A Big Beautiful Woman

  • It is humiliating to make an obese person pay for two seats.

    I think it is so sad to make an obese person pay for two airline seats. They are most certainly already embarrassed, and to make them take up two seats is inhumane. Airlines should make more of an effort to offer larger seats. It would provide comfort to smaller people and allow bigger people to easily fit.

    Posted by: M0r3Interior
  • No partly due to vague wording

    What does one mean when they say obese? Are you using the medical term (which as far as I'm aware deals with %fat and stuff), looks (like that person looks extremely overweight), or weight (that person weighs 300 lbs)? If you use the medical term, then you are descriminating people by a medical condition. If you go by looks, then it is all opinion based; anyone could be obese. If you are going by weight, there are too many varables. Mussle, for example, weighs more then fat but we don't see body builders having to pay for two seats. If you go by weight, then skinny/annorexic people should pay less because they weigh less.

  • They are just one person. They may have a medical complaint, no fault of their own. Why should they be penalised????

    Why should they stay at home because of their size. Not always their fault? Thin people are few and far between now, airlines should accomodate them.
    Let them fly at single cost, it is buisiness after all.
    Airlines make big profits so let big people have a holiday. Give them a break!

  • Canadian Standard

    Since 2008 it is the law in Canada - one person - one ticket - zero discrimination. And guess what - We are making profits on our airlines! On another site I saw people compare the shipping of boxes to passengers who are large.. declaring that heavy boxes mean you pay more.
    Good grief - how cold is that. And just an fyi - I weigh 112 pounds so this is not something I personally benefit from.

  • Businesses should be accommodating towards everyone.

    No, it seems pretty unclassy. Businesses should be accommodating towards everyone, regardless of their size. This isn't so much an argument of fat vs thin or anything, but I just think it's a rude and a bad business policy. Regardless of what you think about people with extra weight, there is no need to make them feel uncomfortable.

  • Why are people HYPOCRITES?

    Why are skinny people who complain about fat people are a bunch of hypocrites? Are these people the same people who are alcoholics? Or problem gamblers? Or smokers? I remember the old days when smoking was allowed in planes, I am a non-smoker and every time I wanted a non-smoking ticket, it was taken! Then when I'm in the plane, you see the imbecile smokers come from the non-smoking section to smoke in the smoking section! That really peed me off and just shows how people are a bunch of hypocrites! Why don't the airlines just make bigger seats for bigger people, they do make bigger seats for people with bigger and fatter wallets! It's called first class and business class. Also sugar is a drug, an addictive one too! Now for all those people who say to fat people to stop eating and go on a diet, why don't you stop smoking? Or stop gambling? Or stop drinking? Oh yeah, that's right, its hard, isn't it?

  • Why should fat people pay for two airline seats?

    Does fat people wants to be fat? no, almost of them try to lose their weight, but they can't because of their constitution. Also, When I go to airplane, almost of them had some empty seats! they don't have to pay for two seats.

  • Why should they pay for two airline tickets when they are one person?

    Airline tickets are sold per individual, not per pound. And, the fact that this has been an ongoing debate, for so long, exemplifies the fact that there is a need for the airlines to address this issue. People should not be penalized because of their weight. This smells of discrimination. The airlines are a customer driven society and they should do what they can to make their present, and potential, customers happy. Would it really be putting the airlines out too much to accommodate their larger customers?

    Posted by: MohaI0v35

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Anonymous says2013-02-14T19:22:33.127
i agree with you guys fat people are second class citizens if they can not live an average american life
Quan says2013-06-24T19:16:04.207
I like how the "No" side keeps acting like we're just charging them double out of spite. We aren't discriminating against you. You just take up two seats. No amount of whining and making excuses for your weight is going to change that fact. It is not fair that you are pushing paying customers out of adjacent seats, or even getting them kicked off the plane due to inadequate seating, just because you don't want to own the consequences of your own life choices.
Bruinshockeyfan says2013-08-16T00:57:16.867
Instead of having them pay 2xs the price for two seats have them pay a large fee, not nearly as much as one seat, for two seats.
Contejour says2013-10-08T13:09:00.587
Suck it up if your obese pay for two seats your denying someone else a seat who is not obese , and also these people can be very disruptive so let them pay .
Yeo says2014-02-03T16:41:29.530
Seats need to be designed to suit all types of sizes. Some people actually have medical conditions that contribute to obeseness. To be fair, every person should pay the same amount of money each.

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