• You Are What You Eat!

    Obesity is generally caused by poor eating habits. People choose what they put into their mouth. Some are genetically prone to a bit more fat on their bodies; however, scientific evidence shows that those who choose non-processed whole foods such as whole fruit, nuts, vegetables, and legumes are much thinner than the average population who choose Big Macs, Coke, and sugary snacks.

  • It's your own fault if you are obese.

    Whose fault is it that they're fat. It's not the government, it certainly isn't the insurance company. It's there own. Knowing you're fat, looking at yourself in the mirror every single day and seeing that body and not doing a thing to change it, yes fat people need to pay more. The argument about lifestyle vs. health care cost, If it gets fat people to start living better and making healthier choices, then I'm all for it.

  • Statistics don't lie

    $200 Billion a year, 75% of it goes to pay for overweight people's healthcare.

    Fattest states in America also have highest rates of diabetes, heart disease, clinical depression, infant mortality, lowest average birth weights, highest number of.Cesarean section births, and highest number of preventable childhood diseases.

    With these statistics, this topic shouldn't even be a debate. Body fat % should dictate insurance premiums and anything over 20% for men, 30% for women should be subject to multiple income taxes and fines. These funds would then be used for programs that benefit the rest of society who must bare the sight of obesity everywhere we go.

    This will cure obesity guaranteed. People shouldn't be able to burden society with their incompetence and gluttony. Obese people should be made to live with minimal means until their weight is under control and at a healthy, acceptable level. Allowing them to keep more of their hard earned money would be the perfect incentive to do what needs to he done for them to shed the pounds.

  • Pay your part.

    Being obese is a choice, with choices come responsibility; responsibility that a healthy person shouldn't share. If you willingly made the choice for an unhealthy lifestyle you should pay the price, literally.
    Luckily the world isn't survival of the fittest (otherwise there wouldn't be many obese people) and we should all contribute for the mistakes of our fellow human, just not as much.
    Think of it like a kid breaking the neighbours window while playing football, letting the kid pay for it all would be a bit harsh, but it still has to be disciplined.

  • Why should I pay for other's poor choices

    I put healthy food into my budget FIRST. I take the time, out of my extremely busy schedule as a small business owner, to cook healthy foods. As a small business owner making only around 40,000 per year, I fall through every single crack that exists, making my portion of taxes extremely high compared to my wage. I use healthy food, exercise, acupuncture, and relaxation techniques, as my primary medicine. I have not used my health insurance EVEN ONCE since I purchased in 4 years ago. Yet, my rates steadily increase every year.

    Now I hear that with ObamaCare, young people WILL pay more to help offset the cost of the elderly. I LIKE ObamaCare, I WANT it...However, I am ALREADY PAYING MORE. Based on the fact that I don't even use my insurance, in that sense, I am paying the MOST. And I look around at all the people who don't take care of themselves, who live slovenly lifestyles, who make poor choices again and again every day, and I thing..."why should I pay for all these services that they're needing and using, OUT OF THEIR OWN FAULT".

    BMI is NOT a way to register health, however....A very muscled, short and stocky fit person would be registered as Obese. They need to throw out BMI and test body fat percentage. I think that for every percent over 25 or 30% bodyfat, people's insurance rates should go up. Or, for every percent BELOW 30%, we should get major deductions. I also think that for every month you don't use your insurance for things besides preventative care, that you should get rewards for that.

    I already pay more than others upfront for things like healthy, organic food, which are not subsidized by my tax dollars like all the healthy foods are. So I'm slammed upfront. Then, I'm doubly slammed on the backend with insurance rates that are the same as for someone who is Obese. This just isn't right.

  • Fat was their choice.

    I feel obese people should pay more for health insurance because they them selves are the cause of their weight issues. It is a proven statistic that obese peoples heath is not as good as less weighted people. They cause themselves diabetes, poor circulation, heart disease, and many more other health problems from choosing to be obese. Now I'm not saying that less weighted people can not get these health issues, but their chances are less likely from living a healthier lifestyle. So these are a few of the main reasons why i feel obese people should have to pay more for health insurance. Only fair. They need a consequence for their poor health choice. They make health care costs rise and put physical strain on people in health care who have to directly take care of them.

  • We are talking OBESE not overweight

    I definitely think that those who are obese should have to pay more for health insurance. It is one thing if someone is overweight, but there is no excuse for being obese. It is all about lifestyle choices, and if you don't want to work out, and you don't want to eat healthy, it is your choice, but all choices have consequences, and higher rates should be one of them.

  • Live by the choices you make

    If you have been obese for a long period of time it's common sense to exercise and burn the fat; regardless whether it's hereditary or not you can still lose the weight...Stop sitting and complaining and actually do something about your issue. Being underweight is a lot worse than being overweight.

  • Classic Example of Moral Hazard

    Moral Hazard is defined as; is a situation where a party will have a tendency to take risks because the costs that could incur will not be felt by the party taking the risk.
    If you are an insured obese person you are taking risks that you know people who feel responsibility for their actions would not take. Therefore it only makes sense that you are paying more to be insured or simply just not insured. Anyone who can sit back and say people who take care of themselves should have to pay for someones blatant neglect is smoking a pipe of crack. It isn't right and you should have a bullet put between your eyes.

  • The Obese can pay for their Lifestyles

    People that choose to be obese should have to pay for their own health care. Of course the people who are obese that choose not to be that way would be left alone, but to the people that choose to eat like pigs they can pay for themselves. Americans shouldn't have to pay taxes for people that choose to be costly.

  • This is discrimination!

    Underweight people have not even been given the thought of having to pay for health care; why is this? Because of discrimination. It's exactly the same. They are both making choices about the amount they eat and both cause serious health risks. So, surely they should be treated exactly the same.

  • This is why not...

    Not every obese person gets that way due to poor eating habits. Are you going to tell me that if you were on kidney dialysis, on several meds for certain health issues, etc. That made you gain quite a bit of weight...You should suddenly be forced to pay more? You want people penalized for something beyond their control?

  • No They Shouldn't

    This will start people down a slippery slope of correlating lifestyle choices to health care payments. It's not really something they should be advocated for since it will end up shaming people and making them suffer for things that are sometimes out of their control. Obese people will probably end up paying more for health care anyway, just because they will end up with more health complications.

  • No the obese should not pay more for health insurance

    If you see an obese person, they don't really make a difference to us average people , why? Because they breath, eat, talk, walk, sit, think and they have a life just like us, so what difference does it make that they weigh more than us? Weight is just a number. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for rights and you guys just want to take their rights because that's what you guys are trying to do. Obese people have a low self esteem and they will want to kill themselves or want to cut themselves because they are getting put down. Don't the obese people get judged and discriminated against too much already and now you guys want them to pay more for something that they're doing positively because they're trying to get better and be a normal human? The common obese diseases are cancer , diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure. I can guarantee that every human knows of 1 person with these diseases and their average size so there's not really a difference.

  • Opening Pandora's box

    Smoke ? Pay more
    Drink ? Pay more
    Poor credit? Pay more
    Occupation? Pay more
    Multiple kids ? Pay more
    Born with disability ? Pay more
    Asthmatic ? Pay more
    Old age ? Pay more
    Veteran? PTSD? Pay more
    Baby born with medical condition ? Pay more
    List goes on and on .

  • No this is cruel.

    What cruelty I am reading here! How can people treat other people this way? Some people have problems that lead to weight gain like depression, use of certain medications, etc. We need to work on obesity as a national problem not by victimizing people who are over weight. Also, we must look at our food production to see its relationship to weight gain in our population. We have way too many additives ---especially sugar than we had twenty or thirty years ago.

  • There are worse things

    So as long as your skinny your healthy. How ignorant people are. There are so many people that do speed, ice and smoke to stay thin and yet most people see them and presume they are healthy and yet the potential for these people to cost a lot of money with brain damage, organ failure and cancer is huge. So maybe people should have to do mandatory drug and liver tests which are randomly done through out the year and for those who are positive they should have to pay more for their insurance. Yes I am over weight but not from choice but due to MS and my body not able to do what it used to do. I have never smoked or done drugs and since being pregnant with my first child rarely drink alcohol. Also you can be fit while being overweight but when you do drugs, smoke and are an alcoholic you just a time bomb waiting to go off.

  • It's not always their fault...

    A common argument that the affirmative side seem to stress upon is the fact it's the obese person's fault that they're fat, and therefore they should pay for health care. Well, I would agree that in some cases, it's their body's fault for gaining weight, for example it may be genetically influenced, coupled with the possibility that they may have a slow metabolism, but I can not stand and watch people come to the conclusion that obese people always intentionally make themselves fat. It's not true! I thought that people wanted nothing more to rid this world of injustice and discrimination. Well, that is what Australia's government is endeavouring to do. By treating 'horizontally challenged' people as equally as any other person (for which they ARE), they allow obese people to get their health care paid for them, which I believe reinforces the fact that everyone has a right to the same opportunities.
    I would also like to point out that not all illnesses are 'weight' related. The average person today is being operated on for some harmful disease, which was not influenced by weight gain. There are cancers, viruses, and auto-immune disorders that any average person could be faced with. Should the average person who 'may' be faced with any of these issues be charged too for health care?
    As someone who is not overweight, I can't begin to image what someone with weight issues is going through. But I can tell you now that being overweight wasn't just some consequence for choosing convenience over good health. There are other factors too that average people choose to ignore, because it's easy to target a minority (whose population is internally increasing anyway) and fault them for the reasons that concern the rest of us too.
    I all employ you to read 'Big Fat Manifesto' - it will open your eyes to the reality behind someone who is overweight.

  • Obese but not unfit

    Not everyone who is classified as obese per the BMI scale is unfit. Athletes that have a lot of muscle mass can have a higher BMI, yet they probably eat healthier and exercise more often than the average individual.
    But you shouldn't pay more if you are obese based on a scale that was made for study of populations not individuals.
    If you are UNFIT AND UNHEALTHY and obese that is different. Obese, fit and healthy - no.

  • Obese is not strictly a choice for everyone

    Mental illness is strongly linked with obesity. Obesity is twice as common among individuals with schizophrenia as the general population, not to mention depression and other medical conditions. Some people are overweight because they are poor who live in undeserved socioeconomic areas. They do NOT have adequate access to healthy food. This is a major barrier for families in poverty. So the solution is to tax poor people who already have it difficult by making them pay more money? The absolute dollar amount for obesity in one study was quite small, dwarfed by the costs attributable to medications and inpatient psychiatric service utilization. A lot of people who are on multiple medications gain weight. Most people will struggle with a few extra pounds but being overweight doesn't necessarily mean that you are unhealthy. This "fat tax" discriminates against people who are overweight. I have worked with overweight individuals who can run 4 miles and outwork other guys in shape who are not overweight (I am a firefighter). So what about the sick skinny people? The drug attics, the alcoholics, the people with eating disorders to stay thin? These people cost the healthcare system just as much money. If you open this door to discriminate a certain population of people then you allow the system to begin to discriminate against additional populations. There are better alternatives then to make people pay more money. That is a Lazy solution.

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