• Yes

    Being overly obese can technically disable you from doing everyday things like walking. It may not be a mental disability but obesity can make you handicapped. Finally it is not something that just goes away, it takes time to work back to your normal self and at that time you are disabled.

  • Obesity and Inequity

    Countries with higher income inequality have higher levels of obesity, especially in children. The relationship between obesity and low socioeconomic status is strong, especially amongst women. Obesity in women, during pregnancy, contributes to health risks in their children, which amplifies health inequities across generations. In the EU, 26% of obese men and 50% of obese women attributed to inequalities in educational status

  • Obesity Can Change You

    Obesity is defined as abnormal and a desease. Now people just dont care of their health issues and get overweight or obesed. It is a serious issue that most of the time people just throw it off like food. In other words, scientist found that some medicinal prescribed pills may be one of the causes that consumers get overweight/ obesed. 47% of these obese people are obese are the teenagers and children. Mostly because they have a parent that just dont care for their health. We say that we help these people with their health problem and let them be a less issue than it is now.

  • Being obese is not a disability.

    Simply being overweight or clinically obese is not a disability, any more than being lazy is a disability. Both may present problems, but that is not really the point. It is important, however, to swiftly make the distinction between simply being obese, and having a condition that incurs such a symptom. If there is an underlying condition that causes obesity, then that condition can be a disability- the obesity itself, however, is not. It is simply a symptom.

  • Choice is choice

    When people have a genuine medical condition that makes them disabled, Such as MS or Parkinson's disease, These people cannot stop their medical condition simply by making better choices. Obese people CAN stop their obesity by making better choices. That is not disability, It is a conscious action. Most people on disability would love to Simply make better choices and no longer be disabled. But that is not an option. Disability is not an option. Obesity is an option

  • I have had enough of this argument

    We have a morbidly obese teacher in our building. Very limited ability as far as movement.
    Sits in a chair to conduct class.
    However, she eats two lunches a day.
    Furthermore, I caught her twice last year leaving her classroom when the staff had a potluck. The classroom at one point was left unattended.
    I have watched this for four years.
    In the middle of the day, we have to watch this teachers classroom so she can make a 15 minute trip to the bathroom.
    If a child were to collapse, choke or if an attacker entered the classroom, she would not be able to assist.
    It is gluttony. I watch the lunches get piled high.
    Alcoholics get fired, drug addicts get fired, but we keep obese people on the payroll and coddle them.

  • Easily a no

    If you seriously think obesity should be considered a disability you are out of your mind. Be obese is caused by being lazy and a slacker not something your born with. Once at Disney land, the buses came to pick us up and drop us off at the hotel. There was this little girl with a SERIOUSLY disability and then there was this fat slacker in a stroller. The little girl had to get up so that the FAT LADY COULD GET UP! The fat lady should have gotten off her lazy bum and moved for that poor girl. Therefore it should Not be considered a disability.

  • How about no

    Apparently fat people come before actual disabled people. I'm currently in a wheelchair, and it's damn hard to set up and put on the car. It takes time and I need help from friends or family. Past few months I've been parking where everyone else does because lazy people feel entitled to the disabled parks. They have legs that work perfectly fine, I'm waiting for my prosthetics to be ready for use

  • It's a life style choice.

    Too many fatties trying to get special consideration. I'm sick & tired of seeing fat people take parking places for truly disabled people. It sickens me to see over-eaters taking the needed spaces of people like me that are supposed to be for really disabled people. Do you here me, WALMART Fatties !!!!

  • We need to solve the epidemic

    Eating less, exercise more is easier said than done. We need to change our society and culture views on food. Everything from Thanksgiving to Birthdays is centered around food. We need to develop better programs that target those who are at risk. The mission should be to get those help who need it and not starting debates that solve nothing.

  • No, it is not a disability.

    Obesity is a symptom of gluttony. Find other things that make you happy and take a break from eating! We are all responsible for ourselves. Don't eat yourself to death and then imagine the whole world should pretend it's out of your hands. You are not a victim. You are the only one who can help you.

  • No it shouldnt

    I was hit by a truck a few months back and lost the use of my legs for months on end. Through surgery and grueling physical therapy I learned to walk again, but for some reason I have to park all the way in the back because obese people who can walk just fine get all the handicap parking. Try walking fatties!!

  • Ridiculous and Ridiculous

    Are you kidding me? Why the hell should Americans pay for lazy people? If this is something that can be helped, hell no. Watch My 600 lb-life, most of these people prove they can actually do something about it and that they're disgusted by how they've become. Stop coddling lazy people!

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