• Yes, safety rules should be tightened in office environments.

    I definitely think that safety standards should be tightened in office environments. I think that safety should always be something that work places take importance over about. When a company makes sure that their employees are safe and healthy, then the work environment can continue working as efficient as possible.

  • Yes, I think occupational safety standards should be tightened in office environments.

    While an office environment is not as dangerous as some other work environments there are still plenty of potential hazards and threats that regulations should be covering but currently don't, I think some sensible and straightforward tightening of safety standards in office environments will do a lot of good for the nation.

  • Yes they should be

    Yes they should be tightened up in office environments you might think that there is no harm in sitting at a desk. Well let me inform you that there is a risk because of the fact that your computer could catch fire if you are doing something that you shouldn't be doing. There is a chance of an explosion because you are using a flammable cleaning liquid on your computer screen and it could cause a short somewhere.

  • Offices are pretty safe places

    Offices are pretty safe places as it is. There needs to always be occupational safety standards, but in the cases of office environments, workers are probably held safer by their employer's fear of lawsuits and expensive insurance claims or premiums than the actual government. The focus occupational safety standards should be more on occupations with genuine risks involved.

  • You Poor Office People

    I do not believe it is necessary to tighten occupational safety standards in office environments. I envision these employees sitting at a desk, probably spending a majority of their time on Facebook. I despise people who have these lack luster jobs with decent pay. I'm sure they are completely safe. Why not tighten the standards for safety in the food/restaurant industry where people can actually be harmed.

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