Should Occupy the SEC sue the federal government?

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  • No it won't do any good.

    No it won't do any good. I mean suing the government? Really? What good would that do? The government runs the courts and had large amounts of cash and is supported by the 1 percent who control the money, meanwhile the fight would cost the other 99 percent who already can't afford a lawsuit even more money in a case there was never a chance to win. There are other ways to fight.

  • Plugging into the machine to stop the machine is not the answer

    Personally I am greatly in favor of the Occupy movement as a whole. It is a varied, organic movement. Despite the criticisms it has been very clear with its message. Yes the various branches within it are varied in their means and message does not diminish them, despite what the media says.
    Some would argue that a willingness to take the Fed to court would show that Occupy is not afraid to go toe-to-toe on the feds turf. That being the legal system. I would disagree. While there are sympathetic judges, at lower levels, the federal judges are bought and paid for, and would give no time to Occupy. Some people hem and haw that legal action would be a waste of tax payer dollars. I would tell them to crunch the numbers on the amount of "tax payer dollars" that is being wasted on "defense spending" then come talk to me about "wasting tax payer dollars".
    Occupy is not political special interest group that will gather a lobby, send it to congress and send a legal team to represent itself in court. Occupy is an idea, ideas are tried in the court of the mind. Occupies fight lies not in the court room, but in our homes and on our street, in direct action peaceful and defensive.

  • Why even bother?

    While I support the Occupy movement and the goals it has, I don't really think that there is anything to be gained by suing the federal government. All that will result in is a waste of taxpayer dollars, and nothing will end up changing as a result. Sad, but oh so very true.

  • It wouldn't solve anything

    It would just cost a lot of people a lot of money, including taxpayer money. It would just be a publicity stunt because there is no way they could prove that the government actually broke the law in a way that they could prove to a jury or judge beyond reasonable doubt. The organization has already lost a lot of credibility based on their previous actions.

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