• She is scum

    Take her children away and throw her in jail. This pig deliberately had many children and knew that taxpayers would pay for them. She is dirt. She is also syrian. I hope that this is what to expect from all the other dam syrians coming into America . Ugly dam thing too

  • Fraudulent to taxpayer

    The only reason she keep popping out kids is for more federal aid all paid by honest working taxpayers. Her crime has been documented and should not been taken lightly. Plus those kids need to be bought up in a much better family outside the walls, they dont deserve the consequences of her actions. Just take those poor kids away from her.

  • Octomom SHOULD go to jail.

    Octo has schemed and scammed and conned her way through life so far.
    She is probably a pathological liar and narcissistic sociopath at least in my book
    She has used and abused everything from workers compensation to welfare.
    AND she should finally pay the price with at least some time behind bars.

  • If you can do the crime, you can do the time.

    Her ongoing welfare scams and Worker's Compensation fraud have been well documented.

    Just because she intentionally bred a child army, does not a "get out of jail for free" make.

    The lazy sod refuses to find steady work to support her family. Rather, she spends all of her time at the gym, shopping, running marathons. Instead, she should be at home taking care of the kids and working.

  • Yes - JAIL

    If Octomom pleads guilty or is found guilty of a crime, she should serve time in jail. Having fourteen children should not shield someone from the consequences of their own illegal actions. I'm sure there are plenty of people in jail or prison right now with lots of kids. What kind of a role model is she for her 14 kids anyway? She may as well be locked up.

  • Give the kids a chance!

    By putting her in jail, the children would get a glimpse at a life outside those four filthy walls. Their mother is a heartless, selfish sociopath who had enough money to see her through her child rearing years, and squandered it on selfish pursuits and self-beautification projects. The children have been locked in rooms in their houses for extended periods of time, and are totally deprived of normal social experiences. I say lock her up and throw away the key!

  • Yes, I think Octomon should be in jail.

    Nadya Suleman known as Octomom committed welfare fraud to a relative huge amount and should be punished the same way anyone else who commits this crime is, I don't believe having celebrity status should exempt you from jail time when you commit fraud against the Government, the taxpayers deserve their money being spent legitimately.

  • tottally agree too

    i do believe Octomom should be in jail not because of the way she went about having so many children but because of the reasons she had these kids.she embarked on a trip to have children for financial gain and no regards for the good and welfare of the children.

  • Yes, if she defrauded the government.

    Yes, if Octomon is found guilty of defrauding the government she should be punished appropriately. If this means that she has to serve jail time, than that is what she should have to do. She should not be treated differently due to her number of children or her pseudo-celebrity status.

  • Octomom in jail

    Octomom should not be in jail. I don't think a mother who needs to be with that many kids should be put in jail. The media has done nothing but try to break this women down having two kids is hard having anymore then that you should be given a medal. She is trying to support her family alone it has to be hard being in jail is helping no one.

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