Should Officer D. Wilson been indited for the "murder" of black teen Mike Brown?

Asked by: Albertico_w2
  • Yes he should have

    12 shots. Too many for a self defense claim. For some of those he was 35 feet away running away. Im not saying Michael never was a threat. Im saing after a certain point when he had let go if the gun and fled, Darren Wilson had no justification to continue shooting.

  • People seem to be confused--indictment does not mean sentence.

    I personally think he should at least be charged with manslaughter, but the fact of the matter is he should have gone to trial. It's so extremely rare for a grand jury to not indict an officer in these situations, and it's really disappointing that it was in such a controversial case they decided not to. In my opinion there was plenty enough evidence to indict the cop--there was a dead teenage boy, a definite culprit, and six bullets. The details from there are much too murky to not have them investigated. If the case was brought to a court of law it would allow the story to be gotten straight once and for all with no more speculation as to what actually happened. Whether or not Wilson was convicted is up to a jury, but he should have at least been indicted.

  • Yes, indictment doesn't equal guilt.

    Based on the 6 shots with no weapon, there should have been an indictment in order to get a trial. He was effectively found innocent without having been tried. The family of the victim, at minimum, deserved a trial. He should have been indicted. Need six more words, two more, there

  • He most definitely been indicted.

    There is a lot of evidence supporting those who claim Mike Brown didn't do the things he was accused of, but even if he were to have stolen something, why are you trying to argue that an item worth ten dollars is worth a person's life? You are trying to defend MURDER by using a ten dollar item to justify it. Also, no matter what account you choose to believe, whether you think he robbed a store or not, an unarmed person getting shot six times is ridiculous and sickening.
    Also, when Person A hits Person B with their car completely on accident but Person B dies, Person A goes to jail for involuntary manslaughter. Michael Brown died, and it wasn't on accident, and his murderer should pay for it. Mike Brown's murderer should not be on paid leave, he should be fired and sent to jail because he committed voluntary manslaughter.
    And when people are supporting Darren Wilson, they are racists. There is no doubt about it because the KKK and neo-Nazis supported Darren Wilson. Two groups that are renowned for being racist supported that monster and if you don't think that that and this entire ordeal is disgusting, then please, rethink your life choices.

  • An indictment is if a trial should be done.

    There's clearly enough controversy to merit a trial. An indictment isn't about guilt, it's about whether or not it's possible that the accused committed the crime. It's certainly possible. Furthermore, a trial would have settled this issue once and for all - rather than speculation, the court can speak and attempt to end rioting.

  • This is super dumb.

    This is literally one of the dumbest things to ever happen, people are blowing this so far out of proportion and refusing to use any sense of logic they have to even notice they're completely wrong. I get it, you can grieve, but come on! Ask yourselves if he "actually"- and I really mean actually- did anything wrong. Don't use your opinions to figure it out, break it down and use the little logic you have left to realize what he did wasn't about race at all, he was an officer in a unfortunate situation, along with a boy who was also in an unfortunate situation...Things took a wrong turn. D. Wilson is a person too, and I'm sure he's traumatized about it, and you guys certainly aren't helping. We aren't the only race in the world, and white people aren't all racist, that's a dumb statistic, now please get over it.

  • I don't agree, but hear me out

    I understand 12 shots seems one too many, and this might have seemed like racism could have been involved. Now, lets turn the tables. Let's say that a black cop shot a white kid, same age as Michael Brown and same scenario. Would you have thought the same way or would you have thought that it was just another killing that wasn't as important as a black kid dying from a cop that shot him 12 times. When you think about this, try to forget about the Michael Brown case and just picture your reaction when you hear a black cop killing a white kid in the same scenario, it might have more accurate results. I do agree that maybe something could have gone a little different and the cop may have made some poor choices during the incident, but I believe he did it in self-defense. Blood trails show that Michael Brown was charging at him and Mr. Brown's friend was charged of "lying on the court. " His story could have changed and could have been different from other witness's stories.

    Sorry if some of this sounds a little harsh. It hard to find the right words without making a statement sound forceful.

  • No indictment needed

    Is there a chance that Wilson shouldn't have shoot him, yes. But he assaulted an officer. That puts everyone's lives at risk. Don't hit/run and you may get a ticket, or even a night in jail (depending on what you did) but you probably won't get anything other than that.

  • Look at the facts

    The grand jurry was exposed to more info than anyone else was. I won't judge their decision until I see that information. Forensic evidence shows that Michael Brown reached for the officers weapon. He got a shot to the hand which can be proven by his blood found on Wilson's clothes, gun and car. He ran away and than turned around and charged as a trail of his blood goes on for 20 feet. What happened was terrible but who would you believe? A 22 year old who helped rob a store or a cop with no history of misbehavior? Common sense makes me believe the second one.

  • Not enough evidence.

    To put it simply, there is not enough evidence. Not only that, but the witnesses seem to have conflicting ideas and thoughts of what has happened. The main piece of evidence that is even trust-able was the autopsy, where they found the bullet wound in Mister Brown's arm. Meaning, if he was supposedly raising his arms in surrender as some witnesses foretold, he wouldn't have been shot there.

    But even that is hardly enough evidence for anything.

  • He should be left alone.

    Honestly this is getting out of hand. I'm sorry for the loss but officers have a job to protect people and themselves. They are trained a certain way that if they are threatened they need to react and take initiative. Main thing on their minds is going home. Wouldn't it be on yours as well?

  • Should Officer Darren Wilson been indicted.

    Now I know that some of you all are for and some are against this for happening. What's your opinion on this situation? Are the people of Ferguson right for rioting the town? Like what is it? Some people saying he should have been and some people saying he should have not been. Personality I see it as, as an officer you have a job to do. Yes I could've been prevented but, put yourself in a situation like that, wouldn't you do the same?

  • It's his job

    Even if it was the wrong thing to shoot him, which it wasn't, it was his job. He was attacked by a person who had been identified as violent and a criminal. He got punched and Mike tried to steal his gun. If somebody is taking your gun, you should be afraid for your life. He had the right to shoot in self defense. Also, many black witnesses saw it and supported Darren. Why on earth would they do that if he shot out of racism?

  • This is one of the saddest things I have yet to see.

    People keep crying racism for something that obviously wasn't. I get called racist simply because I don't agree with Obama. I am white. Obama is black. I do not like Obama. Must be racism, right? No, I don't think so. This same ridiculous excuse to cause mass mayhem and rob stores is one of the stupidest I have yet to see. You want equality? Actually, you already have it. If anything, we live in a Black dominant society. You can get scholarships for simply being "ethnic". At my school there is an Arabic, Spanish, and African-American culture club. There is no European culture club. If there was, it would be called racist or "Nazis" and be immediately thrown out. During this year's 4th of July parade in my town there was an African-American music and dance group with the parade. They exclude whites. What if I created a white music and dance group? I would immediately be sued up the wazoo. I would be branded as racist and be blackballed for a job. This is the society we live in and yet still African-Americans have the audacity to claim racism for a boy getting shot who tried to kill a police officer. Get a grip people. The kid drew a gun at the officer. The officer shot him. Case closed. What happened minutes before only furthers the case for the police man. He shot the kid who then ran, turned around, and tried to kill him after already getting shot. Not racism. Stupidity. You don't shoot at a trained professional with a weapon and not expect retaliation. I end by apologizing if I seem rude but I intend to be harsh. This racism crud needs to stop. I realize there is still dogmatism toward the blacks but it is in equal measure all around, including whites. Is this a good thing? No, but we need to start fixing it but not calling racism every time someone who is black gets shot for breaking the law and trying to kill officers.

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Hanspete says2014-12-01T22:16:28.313
He was acquitted, there is no double jeopardy, he is free whether you like it or not.

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