Should Officer Darren Wilson be held accountable for the burning of the city of Ferguson?

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  • NO, he did nothing wrong

    Of course not! This man has gone thorough hell for no other reason than he shot someone in the commission of a crime. The big issue of course was the the perpetrator was black, the cop was white. So what? If Darren Wilson had been black there would never have been a problem. Michael Brown was a criminal and scourge on society, there is no question of that. The assholes that tore up Ferguson should be held responsible, put in jail, and pay reparations. By the way, Mike's mom assaulted a family member and nothing has happened. She should be charged but of course no decent people would riot and tear up a town.

  • The destruction of the city is at the fault of the looters!

    Darren Wilson did nothing wrong. He shot a man out of self defense. Michael Brown tried to grab his gun, ran away and charged him. This is what forensic the evidence shows. People are reacting with their hearts and not their heads. People are putting emotion before logic and it's really just stupid. If you want to look like an idiot demanding that someone be convicted of murderer for killing a 300 pound man who attacked them than go ahead but don't blame officer Wilson for your cruel actions. These monsters have burned down 12 businesses. Officer Wilson didn't shoot Michael Brown so those businesses could be destroyed. He shot Michael Brown so he could stay alive. It was the choice of the looters.

  • Officer Darren Wilson should not be held accountable for the burning of the city of Ferguson

    Officer Darren Wilson is not responsible for the burning and unrest in the city of Ferguson. The evidence has been reviewed and he was found not accountable in the shooting death of Michael Brown. The justice system has weighed in and the people who are burning the city are the criminals. The only people accountable for the burning of the city of Ferguson are the ones lighting the fires.

  • Darren Wilson should not be accoutable for other people's actions!

    Officer darren wilson held no gun to anyone's head to force the to burn innocent people's property and commit violent crimes.This verdict was obviously just an excuse to break the law . This is totally unaceptable, so no, officer Darren Wilson should probably have been indicted in some opinions but not held accountable for other people actions

  • Officer Darren Wilson Can't Be Blamed for the Burning of Ferguson

    The death of Michael Brown is terrible, and it is very possible that Officer Darren Wilson has gotten away with killing him. However, the burning of the city of Ferguson can only be blamed on the people who took those actions. It makes no sense to protest by burning down your own city, and only the people who did that can be blamed.

  • No, Officer Darren Wilson should not be blamed for destruction of Ferguson.

    As responsible adults we are all accountable for our own actions. Officer Darren Wilson did not put lighters in the hands of the people who burned buildings in Ferguson. Accountability should not fall on his shoulders. In my opinion, it is easier to blame someone else rather then take ownership of your bad judgement.

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