• Yes, from a jail cell...

    Officer Wilson, George Zimmerman, and every other trigger happy law enforcement agent ought to give an interview from prison so police in this country understand there are consequences for gunning down an unarmed teenager.

    But I'm describing a modern society where people are entitled to equal protection under the law, regardless of class color or creed. We'll get there someday.

  • Yes, he should be allowed to tell his side of the story.

    I believe that Darren Wilson should be allowed to do media interviews. This is a highly controversial case, and as such, I believe both sides of the story need to be known and analyzed thoroughly. By being allowed to give media interviews, Officer Darren Wilson will be able to give his side of the events that took place and ensure that his story is heard by a lot of people.

  • Yes Officer Darren Wilson should do media interviews

    Officer Darren Wilson is responsible for his actions as an officer of the law. The amount of political unrest that has occurred as a result of his actions, needs to be responded to. I believe that Officer Wilson for better or worse, needs to defend himself in more than just the courtroom. By hosting media interviews he would be giving people a voice and venue to air their grievances in legally without resorting to riots and violence.

  • Wilson should be left in peace

    Wilson should be left in peace. This is because he is under extreme duress and doing interviews where millions of people will criticize him would just make him more paranoid and worried. Although officer training prepares people for high-duress situations, losing all privacy is not advisable to anyone. Famous and infamous people can all suffer in the limelight.

  • No He Shouldn't

    Regardless of what the decision is Darren Wilson should not do interviews. The area needs nothing else to stir the pot any more than it already has been. The people in Ferguson aren't particularly mad about this one incident but years of problems from poverty to drugs and more. Wilson is lucky to get out of this alive, he shouldn't push his luck further.

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