• We need oil.

    We need oil for our cars, planes and other vehicles so if you think about it we really need offshore drilling to be unbanned. If we didn't have oil we would have to walk or bike everywhere. Imagine you wanted to go to Europe from the U.S. it would suck.

  • Offshore drilling should be banned.

    Yes, every country must have oil for their country to function. But what will happen when we use up all of that oil. We will be lost. When the Earth gives us all of its remaining oil, there will be no buying from another country. Alternative energy like solar and air power needs to be thought of now before it is to late.

  • Yes, all drilling should be banned.

    The earth does not have enough non-renewable resources to sustain the lifestyle that developed countries are accustomed to leading. These nations need to develop sustainable, renewable resources before oil runs out. Both offshore and domestic drilling should be banned because they will not allow humans to continue living as they currently live.

  • Human error needs to be helped

    If you cancel it it will just wreck the worlds sustainability and human society will crash and burn. We need to use resources that are on offer and make the world a better place. Please listen and act responsibly by supporting me and my friends opinion. Thank you very much.

  • Offshore drilling is a good thing.

    Offshore drilling should not be banned. Offshore drilling is a good thing. We need oil in this country. We use oil on a daily basis. Offshore drilling helps us to acquire that oil without being so dependent on countries that do not like us. Drilling where we can only makes sense.

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