• Yes, it should be.

    Offshore drilling operations should be banned by Canada immediately. I think the United States and the rest of the world should do it too. It is too dangerous, and impedes the progress of green energy. I Canada, it will not be banned as long as that goon Harper remains in office.

  • Need all the oil we can get

    In this society we rely on oil for almost everything. We need it and honestly we are getting to the point where we cannot really get picky about where it comes from or what we have to do to get it. It would be nice to get to a point where we are of of oil but that is a long way away and is not coming up anytime soon.

  • They could be rich.

    No, offshore drilling operations should not be banned by Canada, because they could be rich. Canada has vast natural resources. They can tap those resources and make themselves amazingly wealthy. They have so much land that it is unlikely that there would be much impact on the environment. They are literally sitting on riches.

  • No the offshore drilling for oil should not be banned by the Canadian government.

    Offshore drilling for oil and natural gas is an important part of Canada's economy and should not be banned. However the Canadian could and should do a better job of regulating offshore drilling operations and addressing environmental concerns related to the drilling. Given its importance to the Canadian economy the risk of offshore drilling is acceptable.

  • No, offshore drilling shouldn't be banned by Canada.

    I do not think that Canada should ban something like offshore drilling. I think that Canada can benefit by getting oil by these means. There is a lot of possibilities for acquiring oil this way. The only thing they just have to make sure is that their practice are as safe as possible for the environment.

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