Should oil companies be allowed to drill in US National Parks?

  • We need the reserved oil

    All these people have lost their jobs because of the loss of oil. If we drill untouched oil, could possibly get those people's jobs back. We can also get the oil we have lost back. How exactly does OIL ruin the environment. There is still 42 parks with untouched oil and that oil is waiting.

  • On Condition They Guarantee Safety

    If they can present a method and science to back themselves enough showing how they will drill without destroying or damaging anything in the national parks then let them. Otherwise, they should not be allowed to drill. We should write this standard into law that they will be allowed only if a jury composed of people with the relevant science credentials who are prohibited from economically interacting with the oil companies as a condition of being a juror reviews the evidence and says that there is a real guarantee of safety on penalty that if something bad happens they will all go to jail.

  • Sustainable partnership in wildland preservation

    Our national park system needs greater funding to protect its existing lands and to expand it's resources. With the current fiscal deficit trends it can not be expected to get the needed funding from the government. Partnership with business can achieve thoughtful goals on many levels for future funding and protection of park land resources. Business opportunities within park lands can be clean, sustainable and beneficial to our entire park system.

    Our national park service should step up to the opportunities of creating partnerships with business rather than creating blanket policies against business, which currently includes policy in opposition to organic farms, mari-culture and sustainable fishing in parklands.

    The goal of any well run business is to protect and improve it's available assets. It is untrue that business is disrespectful of the park lands or unable to contribute to the growth and protection of our natural resources if given the opportunity. Limited, carefully managed, sustainable business opportunities within U. S. National Park lands should be part of the National Park Service mandate.

  • Oil companies should be allowed to drill in US national parks if they put up a surety bond to cover any damages from oil spills.

    The oil companies should be able to drill in national parks if there is a system to guarantee the oil company will pay for any damage caused by an accidental oil spill. The oil companies are getting much better with technology about running safer operations that have minimal impact on the area around the actual drilling site. And we need all the oil that they can produce.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • Save the OIL!!!!!

    We need to conserve as much oil that we can since it is a non-renewable resource. The purpose of a national park is to preserve the nature inside of it's bounds. Nothing is perfect and just because a company can come up with arguments to support their agenda, does not justify what they could potentially do. This being the long term effects which are unknown. Money should not drive this argument!!! The environment should!!!!

  • National parks are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There are so many awesome, and amazing things a national parks. So many thing to wonder about there. If you have not been to any national parks, you may not agree with me. But that is only because you have not had these amazing experiences, at all of these places. Some people say that the companies can drill there, if the repair the damage, but it s\is rarely possible to repair nature, because it has taken thousands, maybe millions of years to create.

  • Its uncalled for

    I think we should not drill in protected areas because it can cause oil spills that can affect us, our community, and our animals. Oil spills frequently kill marine mammals such as whales, dolphins, seals and sea otters. Oil spills can also coat the fur of otters leaving them with hypothermia. The oil spills can also affect the food of the mammals by contaminating their food leaving them with a sickness or with death by starvation. Oil spills often take a deadly toll on fish, shellfish, and other marine life, particularly if large numbers of fish eggs or larvae are exposed to the oil.

    Another reason why we shouldn’t drill in protected areas is because we don't even need oil for energy!! One type of energy is Solar energy. Solar energy refers to energy from the sun. The sun has produced energy for billions of years. It is the most important source of energy for life forms. It is a renewable source of energy unlike non- renewable sources such as fossil fuels. Another type of energy is bioenergy. Bioenergy is a renewable energy source created from natural, biological sources. Many natural sources, such as plants, animals and their byproducts can be valuable resources.

  • Of course not . Groundwater resources are being polluted with complete disregard of the water everyone drinks.

    Even if you could say, well we can have one hundred years of gas ? In less than a month the water is polluted , and when no one can drink water , what good is gas ? And nice people that think that larger amounts of money for the short term pleasures ,can reason , does this really help me , and am I happier . Or is there a job that pays less and can give me peace of mind and know that I am not part of what can be a huge mistake . After all water , clean potable water , we all need . And gas we can't drink , maybe we could get by with less gas , but we cannot get by without water

  • No that's mean

    That's just unfair and they are wasting land to dig up oil. So why destroy homes of millions just to make oil? That's cruel and mean. I personally is an animal lover and I think it is treacherous. Think about it. Why kill millions? Debate now. Save millions of plants and animals.

  • Keep your grubby hands off the Parks

    These Oasis's need to be cared for and its our job- even the oil guys need to remember, that we are the Keepers of the earth. Look at the oil spills of the past. My grand son who 3 years old was looking at a picture with the land being abused by oil drilling and he said it was bad. - Even a 3 yr old knows better. Save our Parks for Family

  • You don’t need to drill for oil to get energy.

    There are many different solutions for the energy crisis. Solar energy is very useful, as is wind energy. Water energy would work at Niagara Falls and the Colorado River. But the most amazing energy source is Bio. Use cash-crops to fuel the need for energy. Many countries already do this, and it works fine. Potatoes for energy? People have used it, and corn from Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana would give a great alternative energy source. This benefits because it saves the land from being ripped apart in the search for oil, it helps the animals and people, it promotes the corn farmers and it helps get rid of the corn. Fewer accidents would happen, and if they do, no chemicals are used so it is not polluting the environment.

  • They are liers

    It has been proven that big oil companies are full of hot air. They do more harm than good: their fracking fluid use is 100x what they estimate, estimated spill cleanup times and percentages are bologna, and they give bs projected numbers of oil to be pumped. The bottom line is that even if there were more laws to "protect the environment", you can't trust them to abide by those laws.

  • They should not

    The purpose of a national park is to preserve the nature inside of it's bounds. Nothing is perfect and just because a company can come up with arguments to support their agenda, does not justify what they could potentially do. This being the long term effects which are unknown. Money should not drive this argument!!! The environment should!!!!

  • Protect wilderness for this and future generations

    Basic understanding of the purpose of the invention and protection of our country's national parks says that their wilderness and nature are meant to be preserved for the enjoyment of this and future generations. Let some drilling occur in our national forests or other government owned land if (current) science deems it will not damage the land. The national parks are meant to be kept as intact as possible. They are not only a place where citizens can go to enjoy a separation from the impacts of society and civilization, but also a grand experiment to keep some part of our nation's nature as untouched by humans as possible.

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Anonymous says2013-05-29T21:16:05.567
Oil shouldn't ruin the nature and that is exactly what they're doing by drilling oil pipes.