Should oil companies be significantly fined for spilling oil into the environment?

  • Oil companies should be charged for spilling oil into the environment

    They should do so because they should pay for destroying our natural resources and animals and plants. They should pay for wasting what could be used for those who need it in the future. Lus, we will be the ones who end up paying for it. For example, i bilieve they are greedy, making our gas prices higher claiming "we are rnning out slowly".

  • Yes, we need to de-oil our planet as fast as possible.

    The fossil fuel company that caused this damage is a threat to life. It's wrong it's legal to continue pumping greenhouse gases into our atmosphere disrupting millennia of atmospheric conditions allowing life as we know it to continue and wrong it's legal to engage in risky fossil fuel extraction causing cataclysmic damage as this incident caused.

  • Clean Up Your Own Mess

    If a company spills oil due to carelessness, I believe that they should be held accountable because they are causing damage to the environment. A fine would work if a company does not have the means to clean the mess up on their own. I think that if there are repercussions for spills, companies may be more careful when they are transporting oil.

  • They are hurting the environment and businesses.

    The world is heading towards a tipping point with global warming and many species being killed off. Polluting the environment accelerates the problem by killing natural life. In addition, spilling oil into the environment hurts local businesses. Just look at the BP Oil spill which hurt shoreline businesses who couldn't get seafood and had reduced beachgoers because of the polluted areas. They need to be held accountable for lack of safety measures that could have prevented these disasters.

  • Heavy Fines for Oil Spills

    Oil companies should be heavily fined for spilling oil into the ocean. While this occurs presently, it is not to the extent and magnitude that it should. Oil companies understand that possible spills are a risk of the business that they are in, just like companies that process or store personal information understand that breaches are a likely risk.

  • What They Do is Killing the Earth

    Oil spills are not the only danger our planet currently faces, but it is without a doubt one of them. Oil spills have decimated marine life in our oceans. How many of these man made catastrophes is it going to take for people to realize that these big businesses should not be exempt from even basic safety measures.

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