Should Oklahoma change its law making performing abortions first-degree murder?

  • We are in the 21st century

    Fetuses are a collection of cells. There is no malintent when having an abortion. Women have a right to bodily autonomy and that includes putting their own body at risk for something as invasive and potentially dangerous as pregnancy. First degree murder is outlandish for such a thing as wanting to be unpregnant. The law should be changed.

  • Oklahoma should immediately change the law that aboritions are first-degree murder.

    Every woman in the United States has a right to choose for herself whether not she would like to have an abortion. This right was established in the Roe vs. Wade supreme court case, and no state has the right to go against that constitutional right. Oklahoma not ony should, but must change their law that identifies abortion as first degree murder.

  • Abortion is not the same as murder

    I am strongly pro-choice, and I believe that, with some regulations, abortion should be at the discretion of the pregnant woman. There are times when an abortion may be necessary, such as when the mother's life is at risk. There are other times when a woman simply isn't ready to be a mother, and finds abortion to be the best choice for her. We have to have trained medical personnel able to help perform a safe abortion. No one should be charged with murder for performing a legal abortion.

  • No, Oklahoma should not to change its law making performing abortions first-degree murder.

    No, Oklahoma should not to change its law making performing abortions first-degree murder.Since more and more women begin to seek abortions now for some reasons, but we could not sent them to jail. In order to stay health, or their babies have some defects, so they must take actions to their babies.Except for people who carry out this procedure itself or attempting to self-abort, it must be published by law.

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