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  • They are our legacy!

    Old cars let us hold onto our past. They show us that our past family members had memories in them. Why can't we experience our own memories in them. Why should they be taken from us. They could pay me as much as they want, But money doesn't bring and create memories. Memories are forever but money for short. Think on that.

  • Old cars are great

    Old cars should not be banned because they are so much easier to work on, people like them, and people should be given the choice whether to buy a old less efficient car, or a new environmentally friendly car with out the government making them do it. I personally prefer the new cars, but my thinking should not force others to do the same.

  • It does make sense though

    I don't think that they should be banned, personally I think older cars are awesome/better, I mean seriously. Although I do believe that they should be fixed to help battle pollution or maybe ban some but honestly, no not all. Like I said, old cars are awesome, when I was younger and visited my grandparents, i loved when me and my family got to ride in their cars.

  • Old cars are awesome!

    Absolutely not! Old cars, especially classic ones from the 1980's or earlier, are pieces of history! They're a big part of the American lifestyle, and I myself am the proud owner of a hot rod. They're a lot more exciting than those little electric cars that hum along, you can't get that beautiful rumble from any other car. And as long as your engine is well-tuned, you'll be able to keep your pollution level to a minimum.

  • No, I don`t think it is a real reason.

    When you have an old car , it's because you don't have the money to buy a new one. So you can't say to this person that they can't drive their car. They bought their car and they need their car. Public transport is a solution, but it's not the solution for everybody.

  • No, old cars should not be banned.

    Classic vehicles (old cars) should not be banned in an attempt to combat pollution. If society wants to reduce pollution then the wealthy should stop building such huge mansions to live in, stop driving around gas-guzzling vehicles and start flying on commercial flights. We should not punish people who own old cars.

  • They are history.

    No, old cars shouldn't be banned to combat pollution, because old cars are a hobby that a lot of people are into. Old cars are also a way that people without a lot of money can have transportation. You shouldn't have other people tell you how much you should have to spend on a car.

  • They should be fixed.

    Old cars should not be banned but in order to help combat pollution they should refurbished to cut down on the emissions they produce. We don't want to get rid of classics. The priority should be making things better instead of banning them. They are a part of history and shouldn't be forgotten.

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