Should old people have to retake their driving tests?

  • They should retake it

    THEY DRIVE SO SLOW OMG sjibfusirgbsliebgserigbdjfkgbsdlgerio idk they take forever to go one mile and they can't see or hear at all. Its super annoying and they need to get off the road. Like NOW get them off. Driving has changed so much through the years retake it now please

  • Yes they should retake their test !

    Elders are our family, and we always want to protect them and we want to protect others too. I believe if we want our family and roads safe we need to have them retake their drivers test especially because the health issues they have and because rules of driving may have changed.

  • Elderly should retake their drivers test

    Most old people have many flaws in their health that affects their driving, this could affect other drivers that are being safe. It is proven that elderly's have worse eyesight and reflexes than before when they took their drivers test or other drivers on the road today. Because of this 73 percent of divers today are concerned whenever they see an elderly driver on the road. 35 percent of casualties today are caused of elderly divers.

  • Higher risk of health problems and slower reaction time

    As human beings, when we get older, our immune systems become weaker and we become more prone to diseases, sickness, etc. Some of these diseases could definitely inhibit driving abilities. Another thing is that the older you get the slower your reaction time gets, sometimes that could be dangerously slow.

  • They are so bad

    Their driving is diabolical and not to mention the fact that they need the passenger to help them reverse. They start to loose their sight and hearing at the age of sixty and slowly gets worse over the years. They drive at tops of 30mph! How would you like it being stuck behind one of these inconsiderate shrivelled up people

  • At least to retake

    The elderly do have impaired eyesight, hearing, and delayed reaction times. They should retake to test that their impairments are not too great. Age is not necessarily the reason for accidents, but disabilities and impairments are one of the reasons. A retake every one or two years should be adequate.

  • They are old

    They are old and have bad hearing and they have bad eye coordination. They also have bad driving skills because they have very little patience and they don't have so much muscle as people younger than them. PEOPLE SHOULD AGREE WITH ALL OF US WHO SAID YES!!!! JUST DO IT!!!!!

  • Because they are old!

    There seeing is not so well
    there hearing is not so well
    so they need to get there drivers licence retaken so they can re rebmber how to drive also the older you get the more u forget
    and sometmes they might forget how to drive if they havent drove in ten years

  • There old ok

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  • Yes they should

    Elderly people tend to drive a bit slower I have noticed. Also, sometimes their hearing and seeing isn't 100%. It is risky to have them on the roads, (not unlike a teen who is also required to take a driver's test). I feel that if we had laws requiring the people above a certain age to retake their driver's tests, this could reduce accidents on the roads.

  • Age is not the reason for accidents.

    Immaturity, texting, talking on cell phone, drinking, taking drugs, and reckless at risk behaviors create accidents. Let's police these befit we add another hurtle to people whose only crime is living longer. Hopefully one day you will be old. Be careful of laws that will limit your Liberty, just because you are too young to see the future.

  • I think they shoull at least retake a test

    They can have mental absence at some point it can be risky to let a elderly take a steering wheel and let them drive through the city accidents can be made with out a refreshments to the human mind-it is like going through high school with out the middle school information like you got brained not to do anything

  • They are fine

    Let them be. They have just the same right as you all... They are not young but they are much more experienced then some of you drivers out there. The people you all should be worried about is these teens today, i mean c'mon they are ridiculous getting all drunk and running into things. It's almost like they have lost their minds. I'm for the old people all the way

  • They are no different

    If they should have to retake there test the rest of us should to. They are not that bad compared to some other drivers. Driving is not all about haveing super reflexes, hearing, and pariferal vision. Although these things certainly can save an accident. Knowing the rules of the road, and knowing how to drive safely without making stupid decisions is way more important. As far as elderly drivers go they are just as bad as a majority of us

  • Only a minority of the elderly do not self-regulate their driving

    Although older people have a greater chance of developing a condition that impairs their driving ability, most recognize changes when they do occur and will adjust their driving accordingly. Older people do not necessarily lose their ability to access their own driving ability just because they have reached a certain age. Re-assessment should be based on functional ability, not age alone.

  • Old people can drive

    When elderly people get older then they get wiser so if you were an old man or women would you want to retake the test to get your license NO ! So let the poor old people do what they want and keep your stupid pinion out of it. Just let them do what they want to do.

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YankeeWoman says2014-05-07T17:39:49.273
Absolutely. Older citizens become slower and reflexes are not as sharp. Vision needs to be retested also. If they do fail their driving tests the State or County should provide FREE transportation for doctor or shopping visits.
Rami says2015-06-07T02:34:00.687
Don't know if this helps but I had a great-grand aunt who was still had her license and drove one last time at 95 or older. Nothing happened when she drove but we were terribly nervous.