• Yes she should.

    Olivia Newton John should continue to do her environmental activism. The more people who are involved with the environment the better, as the environment is one of the most important things that do not pay enough attention to. Olivia Newton John is doing a good job and should keep it up.

  • Sure she should

    I think that if Olive Newton-John wants to continue to do her environmental activism, then she should go riht ahead and do so. She can do what she wants. I think it is great to care about our environment and community. More people need to be more active about our effects on community and environment.

  • In Moderation, If She Chooses

    I believe Olivia Newton-John keeps very busy as she's still active in the entertainment industry and she also does work supporting her own cancer foundation. She has spent minimal time working on environmental issues, but it has dotted her past. I believe she tries to implement beneficial programs in areas that have impacted her life. I'm sure she would make a wonderful spokesperson for environmental causes if she found interest in the topic and had time for it.

  • Yes, she should.

    Olivia Newton-John should continue to do what she's been doing for environmental activism. It's extremely important for people to keep pursuing this purpose, and to expose as many people to it as possible. I applaud her and hope she continues to do the brilliant work that she's been doing thus far.

  • She is likeable.

    Yes, Olivia Newton-John should continue to do her environmental activist, because she is well-liked and people listen to her. In this capacity, Olivia Newton-John is likely to make a big difference. She enjoys the work, and it is a good way for her to stay involved in the community and the world.

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