• Yes, but only when necessary

    Other than that, let kids enjoy the summer and have fun!! Our brains need breaks for a while, and overloading them happens enough during the school year. Enough is enough!!
    Summer classes should only be taken when the student is failing, or needs to make up an extra course. Other than that, it's not necessary.

  • Yes, if they want.

    If a student is falling behind in class and wants to catch up before the next year starts than it would be a good idea for them and help them do better in the long run. I do not think they should be forced into summer classes though because that could add to stress making them do worse in school.

  • Summer Classes When Necessary

    Yes, one should attend summer classes if they are deemed necessary. Summer classes present the opportunity to catch up with other students or even get ahead by effectively using off-time. Many students lose much of what they learn in the summer by not attending class. Summer classes help solidify knowledge and provide new learning experiences otherwise lost in the down itme.

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