• Yes, they shouldve been yesterday

    Lets not get on the high horse and stand for morals and all that horsesh*t for no good reason..... One Direction is actually a group who rightly deserve to be assassinated on live television with their blood collected in buckets and dumped onto all of their horrified fans, who we all know arent real people in the first place...... Assassination is definitely justifiable in certain circumstances, and One Direction is certainly a justified target for assassination.

  • As a pacifist I am totally opposed to violence but I am prepared to make an exception for One Direction.

    SCUM. Total, unmitigated scum. That’s what they are. They are a boil on the face of humanity that needs to be lanced. Actually, assignation is too good for them. They should be tortured to death. Not only that but all their friends and family, and everybody they have ever met should be put to death as well. And we should execute Elton John and Justin Bieber while we are at it.

  • Fuck them all

    They are all fucking each other, and they all suck each other off and they should be called one erection, and they are only in the business for money. And they are fucking bad at writing music and they actually don't even write any of their music so they suck

  • Because They are hypocrites

    To put it simply, they sing about being natural and staying true to yourself and try to say that's what makes a person beautiful. Months later, they launch a make up range for young girls.

    It's just not right, they are a talentless marketting tool used in a greedy consumer driven world. Oh and Harry Styles is frankly an appauling human being.

  • Totally worth it

    Their music SUCKS! Anyone who knows what quality music is hates One Direction. They are just BAD. All their songs consist of repetition or some stupid topic. They are just some teenage boys who got lucky, and they really don't deserve to live. One of them learned 2 things on the drum, and the other 3 took 2 singing classes, and they just got lucky. DIE, 1D, DIE!!!

  • No they shouldn't

    Murder or killing of any one person or group is not a good way of solving any issue; especially as One Direction's offense is music. I do not like 1D myself but again, murder shouldn't be a way of punishment for their music. Besides, many fans would cry and we can't have a riot. Lol

  • It's just sick minded

    Why? If they weren't famous and weren't more successful than you, you wouldn't feel the need to want to assassinate them. You wouldn't go up to somebody in the street and kill them, would you? Just because their arses have more twitter followers than you'll ever have. Btw if you don't like the music, why listen to it?

  • No! They shouldn't be assassinated.

    I love One Direction but that is not why I say NO!! One Direction is a band with 5 human beings. They have talent do they are famous. What if you were famous would you want to be assassinated. Of course not. So don't do it One Direction. What you like and what I like is different. So your likes and dislikes shouldn't be what is right.

  • No! Of course not.

    I hate One Direction but come on people. People don't deserve to die for expressing art. Just because I don't like it doesn't mean they deserve to be killed for it. Besides that assassination would only hail them beyond hype next to Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson, and the like. Deaths actually glorify artists music so you won't ever stop that. Their songs would be played even more on the radio and fans would be comparing them to other deceased famous artists. That's even more cringe worthy I think.

  • Get a life

    This topic is so ridiculous and immature.. How old are you?? 12?? Accept the fact that the lads are really successful and are doing really good. They have won countless awards and have sold millions of CDs, the reason to it is because they are talented young men. Jealousy isn't a good thing my friend.

  • No, It's a Horrible Idea

    Though people may not exactly like them, we have no good reason to assassinate them. They're just a British boy band. That's it. Why should we waste resources on murdering five people when we could use that time and money to help people in poverty get back onto their feet?

  • Uh, no they shouldn't.

    No matter how much you hate people, you don't have the right to take their lives. It's quite that simple. I mean, One Direction isn't even that awful of a band, so I do not understand the hatred in the first place. Sure, it might get annoying when people obsess over them while there are far better artists out there. But people can obsess over anything.

  • It's very inhumane.

    OK, so I really don't like OneDirection-nothing against them personally, just that isn't the type of music I would listen to if I wanted to relax. However, going pro for the fact that anyone innocent and who has not taken the life of another should die is just inhumane. It's not morally correct, and there is no way anyone should ever have a good reason why someone would take Pro. This opinion doesn't even make sense anyway-it's so biased. Sorry, but this argument is a waste of time.

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