Should one expect a right to education (yes) or is education a commodity (no)?

  • Education Can Lead People Out of Poverty

    Education is the one thing that can give a young person more choices in life. An educated person can choose what kind of job to apply for, and is more likely to have a job that is meaningful than an uneducated person. The Declaration of Independence states that we all have a right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." If education is only a commodity available to the rich, then the poor will be denied the opportunity for the "pursuit of happiness."

  • Yes, education is a public right

    Yes, people should expect the right to an education. Taxpayer dollars fund public educational systems and programs, so all U.S. citizens should be able to expect to receive an education. Private education beyond that which is offered to the public is a commodity and people should expect to pay extra for it.

  • Right To Education

    I believe one should expect a right to education, it should not be considered a commodity. If we changed our view on this we would be further propagating the decent into poverty. Without education more people will be less likely to care for themselves throughout adulthood. Not providing education simply means providing more assistance down the road.

  • It's in our constitution.

    Yes, a person should expect a right to a basic education, because that is what the constitution provides for. When the founding fathers sat down to decide what our values are, they decided that each child should have an education so that they have a chance to be something special.

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