Should one give up one’s seat to an obese person on a crowded commuter train?

Asked by: brian_eggleston
  • Do you really want an obese person standing?

    One of the first things to go when you become obese is a sense of balance. Standing on a moving vehicle is not something you want somebody three times your weight to be doing.

    Also, let's chill on the obesity hate a bit.
    Obesity is an epidemic largely because of childhood. People obese in their adulthood were most likely not taught proper diet and nutrition. They could of course begin correcting their mistakes, but weight loss doesn't happen overnight. An obese person on the street could be a responsible person attempting to take care of their health, you don't know because all you see if what they look like in their current state.

    What you are proposing is punishing a person for past mistakes. You are willing to ignore their feet and back pain, punish them and make them suffer a little bit more in their life because they made mistakes in the past.
    Would that be something you are willing to do to anybody else?
    Consider you are willing to give up your seat to somebody you don't know, but is pregnant. They feel similar pains and aches that obesity presents. But what if the pregnancy was a product of negligence, and they are not prepared to take care of that child? That's a past mistake that you would most likely condemn if you knew their history, but as a default you will give a seat to the pregnant. Obesity on the other hand similarly is usually a product of past mistakes, yet you are not willing to give a stranger the benefit of the doubt that you are for the pregnant woman.

    It just doesn't rationally follow. If we want to build an actual society here, just give up your seat. It's not a huge deal for the healthy, but it's a huge deal for the obese. It's about charity and compassion. Why make a person suffer even more in life? Especially somebody you don't even know, and don't know their situation and circumstances.

    I would even change this to, "we ought to give up one's seat to less-able people on a crowded commuter train."

  • Why you should give up your seat to an obese person.

    You should give up your seat to an obese person on a train because when people are obese, they suffer a lot. Their weight is too much for their feet, they have difficulty breathing, and that they usually are people who can't afford for a healthy diet since fast food is cheaper. That's why you, a person who is able-bodied, should give your seat to the obese, it won't kill you to give it either. After all it is an act of kindness. But of course, if you are an obese person, then keep your seat.

  • I Just Feel Bad

    It probably isn't such a great argument, which is why my vote is only a personal choice kind of thing. But really I just feel bad for people. It's got to be hard for them.
    I know it is their fault and all but...Why make it harder? Might as well help out.

  • Yes because we give up our seats to people who are less able to stand than ourselves

    I personally see it like this: Everyone's happy to give up their seat for a pregnant woman. Why? Because she is carrying extra weight(the baby) and this is causing a strain on her back,legs and lots of pain, especially in her feet. Now obese people feel the exact same symptoms, except the cause is different. I understand that as a society, we see obese people and frankly, we are taught to feel disgusted or look down upon them. Frankly, when an obese person sits down next to me and take up so much space, I have all the same rationale rushing to mind. But we have to remember that obesity is caused from more than just laziness. There are physical limitations which many people face, that unable them to take the action that is required to lose the weight, they may bear financial implications, where unhealthy food is the most viable option for them. Most importantly, we have to remember the mental issues behind this. A person can turn to food in response to distress, anxiety, depression. End of the day, we don't know who's obese because they're a lazy individual and making bad decisions and doesn't care, and we also don't know who's obese due to reasons, that if they hit us, would make us obese. It's easy talking down about these people from where we are, I wonder how many of us could refrain from becoming obese if we were in their shoes?

  • Because they need it more than you do.

    It's a simple calculation to make, whenever you're wondering whether to give up your seat - be it to an older person, a pregnant woman, someone disabled, or just some tired-looking fellow traveller who's obviously been on her feet all day! Courtesy costs nothing and can make someone else's day.

  • Many disabled people are obese, and you can't tell by looking.

    There's actually a big intersection between the set of obese people and the set of people with disabilities, which is largely because there is a variety of physical disabilities that make obesity very difficult to avoid. If someone asks you to give up your seat, they probably have a good reason. If I were obese, I would still have my physical disability, a form of dysautonomia that causes me to faint if I stand for very long. On days when I don't need to use my wheelchair, my disability is invisible, but it's still dangerous.

  • Yes but not because they are obese.

    When a pregnant woman gets on a bus or a train, people are happy to give up their seat and rightly so, pregnancy is an uncomfortable and difficult time at later stages and any help possible should be encouraged.
    The argument against is generally that obesity is self-afflicted but this should not really be an issue. I myself am not obese nor anywhere close so do not see this as self defense.
    Here is why we should give up our seat, a lot of obese people suffer with issues such as poor heart condition. Put yourself in the position of remaining seated, seeing the obese person stood uncomfortably before keeling over through heart problems, exhaustion or whatever, could you live with not giving that person a seat and possibly negating such a poor turn of events?
    This is an extreme example of course but not an unbelievable one and I refuse to be put in such a position of guilt.

  • They should exercise more

    Personally, I would because I prefer to stand. But there are a lot of people who don't like to sit next to obese people, not just because of the gas they release. Also, obese people could afford to stand just like any other person. We should only just give up seats to the disabled and old people because it is a lot harder for them than obese people.

  • Why should we suffer for their lack of self-control?

    Obesity today is quite popular, people can't take care of themselves so why should we take care of them and let them sit down and rest when we could be feeling the same way. Being healthy means you take responsibility of your body and health and you don't become obese. Obese people eat whatever they want and think they are privileged and get special rights.

  • I’d happily give up my seat for a pregnant woman, an elderly person or a physically-disabled person, but not a big, fat lazy glutton.

    We all feel sorry for the obese, of course we do. After all, it wasn’t their fault they were born greedy and lazy. However, with a little will-power everybody can motivate themselves to do a little exercise and refrain from eating fattening foods. If they choose not to, that’s up to them, but they shouldn’t expect other people to give up their seats because supporting their enormous weight is a strain for them.

  • No, you shouldn't have to give up your spot because somebody is uncomfortable standing

    Especially if there is nothing physically wrong with them besides their weight, they aren't in crutches or in a wheelchair, and if they are in a wheelchair, they shouldn't be able to stand up to easily push the chair in, make everybody move, and then sit down in the wheelchair

  • No reason being

    My reason being is because being obese is not a handicap in any way and just because someone is over weight it does not mean they're any different from average weight people and don't need to be treated differently from average weight people so no one should not maybe out of kindness but it shouldn't be a have to thing

  • No we shouldnt

    I disagree with the argument that we only offer our seats to pregnant women because they are carrying extra weight. My reason for offering a seat to a pregnant lady is that if she has a fall the baby could be seriously harmed. Therefore a pregnant woman and an obese person are not one and the same. It’s first come first serve unless there’s elderly, pregnant women or disabled people in my books.

  • Why should we surrender our seats?

    Everybody but the under 12 year old crowd and the over 60 year old crowd pays the same price for the ticket. If I get there in time to get a seat, I will only give it up to an expected mother or an elderly person. If the obese people and many of us are paying the same price for the ticket, it is first come, first served.

  • Two seater on 6 train

    I was sitting on the 2 seater, when an overweight man, try to squeeze in and sat half sitting on the seat, wewerethistight......Now either people do that on purpose expecting for you to get up and they get to enjoy the train ride sitting all the way to the city or you stay put and keep playing scrabble on your phone, I chose to bare it because it was a 45 minute ride for me, I found it to be very rude of him to try to squeeze knowing he would NOT fit...........Just so rude.......What would you do???

  • Don't coddle the self abused

    Why in the world would anyone give up their seat so that someone who obviously spends too much time sitting as it is, can be comfortable in their place. The comfort level of someone who packs on the pounds, is neither mine, nor is it anyone else's problem. It is the problem of the one who refuses, on a daily basis, to set down a fork before consuming 3 pounds of food for each meal. To gain weight, or to lose weight is actually not as much of a problem as people think it is. It is a basic mathematic formula.

    It goes like this:
    If you take in more calories than you expend, you gain weight.
    If you expend more calories than you ingest, you lose weight.

    It isn't exactly a secret people. If you are gaining weight, either cut down on calories, or exercise more, OR (and this is the best option) regulate your calories AND exercise more. This is pretty basic stuff. If people are overweight they can work to lose it very easily. The fact that they are overweight is their own problem and not mine. They can stand, and I can sit if I got there first. First come first serve. They are gluttonous and lazy, not handicapped. I have no sympathy for gluttonous, lazy people. They don't deserve any sympathy. Nuff Said!

  • It will make them more obese, they need to stand more!!!

    Who cares about them? Their obesity is often self-inflicted and they seriously need to shed their weight. I would like to believe that because of their weight, they hardly exercise and by standing they can lose some pounds! Yes, standing burn more calories than sitting! Stand up and lose your fats now!

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