Should one person (who is over 18) from each family receiving welfare serve reasonable amount of community service?

  • Give back to the community that gives to YOU

    If someone's family is on welfare, a person who is over 18 could do community service to reduce the impact of welfare on that community. It could keep your community out of debt. OR that 18 year old should be required to get a job to support his/her family... Either that or his/her parents should if his/her parents are physically able.

  • Repay Debt to Society

    If someone in the family is able to work and yet is on welfare, then some amount of community service should be given to repay the debt to society. Serving food at a homeless shelter, cleaning a highway or working at a food bank are all ways to help society if for some reason you can't work yet have free time on your hands while on welfare. Idle hands are the work of the devil.

  • Receiving Welfare Should Require Community Service

    Yes, one person (who is over the age of 18) from each family receiving welfare should serve a reasonable amount of community service as a way of providing for the community that provides for the family. This should not be a punishment, but instead should be to foster a sense of belonging so that the welfare recipient understands the community, and also feels to be a part of it.

  • No they shouldn't.

    Nobody should be forced to do community service for receiving welfare, especially just one person from a family. I can imagine the family fights that would start! What people receiving welfare need is more help finding a job. People who have never received welfare think welfare recipients receive lots of help in this area. They don't!

  • There Is No Welfare

    I believe that some people are seriously disillusioned about welfare within the United States. I do not believe there are any programs within the United States that offer enough money that it would warrant someone working for free. Many people who receive benefits like food stamps, Medicaid, child care assistance, or rent assistance; receive those benefits because their current job doesn't cover all of their expenses.

  • One person (who is over 18) from each family receiving welfare should not serve a reasonable amount of community service.

    One person (who is over 18) from each family receiving welfare should not serve a reasonable amount of community service. This is not fair and should not be required for those that need assistance. What about the elderly and the disabled? Are we going to make them do this too?

  • People should not be penalized for their situations.

    The whole idea that folks receiving welfare need to be strictly overseen like they are less than human is disgusting to me. Should we mandate that millionaires who are taking advantage of tax breaks do charity work or community service? I think so. People are on welfare because they don't make enough money and spend all of their time working poor jobs. Let em be.

  • Community Service should only be mandated if you have committed a crime...

    Community service should be voluntary unless the person has committed a crime. If someone goes on welfare after they lost a job, lost a spouse and are desperate to make ends meet, that is not a reason to impose an additional burden of community service. Indeed, such an imposition may make take valuable time away and make it more difficult for the welfare recipient to find a job, for example.

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