Should online ads be limited to non-auditory and require them not to jump you around on the page

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • These practices are highly annoying and quite frankly not effective (to me anyways)

    I understand the need for ads, but why do ads have to be "auditory" and why do they have to jump you around on the page? If the ad could just be silent and just play on the page somewhere and if it could just leave you alone on the page and NOT make the page jump to the point where the ad is every time a new video starts then that would be fine.

    When I notice these kinds of advertisements I am filled with anger, I notice the company, and I think to myself "I am NEVER EVER buying your product!"

  • Marketing dude. DUUUDE!

    The entire point of an advertisement is to inform you so if you have these advertisements that make noise then you will, regardless of how you feel on the matter, be informed. You should be thankful that these small hijacks exist because that's likely how one discovers most things on the internet.

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