• Yes, online businesses are effectively the same as more traditional businesses.

    Online businesses has grown tremendously over the years, and the notion that online business is categorically different than more traditional business is an oudated notion. Furthermore, giving traditional businesses an incentive to move online could harm brick-and-mortar stores and move even more commerce online, which could be disruptive to local and regional economies.

  • Online businesses should be pay international taxes

    Online businesses should be subjected to international tax codes. Other countries have a right to expect businesses to comply with their tax regulations. These are sovereign countries with their own laws. A company that does not wish to comply can opt out and not do business in certain countries in which they feel taxes place an unfair burden.

  • No international tax codes

    Being a free lancer I am completely against anything that would keep these kind of companies from thriving, especially if they are headquartered in the United States. Technology has changed the way we do business and this format is the way of the future. To add an international tax code may destroy them before they get off the ground, so it definitely should not be done.

  • Depends on the size

    Online businesses are a newly established area for the tax codes and needs to be reviewed. So much of Internet business traffic is likely going unseen and accounted for, and the new tax codes would enable the businesses to be more accountable for their actions when doing business in an international setting.

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