Should online news sources have professional journalists?

Asked by: tenwoe
  • Yes, online news sources should have professional journalists.

    Online news source web sites often see a very large amount of traffic. This is why reputable and honest and professional journalists should be hired by these high trafficked websites. It would be unrealistic to require all news sources to hire professional journalists, but the high traffic sources should have more reputable journalists.

  • Absolutely and most of these news sources are already reported on through professionals.

    In an age where people now turn more to the internet and social media for the news, it stands to reason that professional news sources would also flock to these methods of communication to report the news. I don't have statistics so this is purely a guess, but I would venture to guess that subscriptions to hard copy print newspapers has declined over the last several years as people get up to the minute news online. There are no more surprises to be found on the front page of the morning paper. Now, people know what's going on within minutes of the news breaking. Fascinating!

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