• Laws won't improve behavior

    Making things illegal just increases the price and revenue of the Illegal activities. As much as I wish it were easy to just pass a law against gravity to be able to fly, it isn't going to change most human behavior. When they made texting and driving illegal, accidents went up over 25%. People did NOT stop doing it, they just tried to hide it down low where they could not see the road and the danger increased. Prohibition did not stop people from drinking, but instead just helped to fund gangs. Since prohibition of marijuana the usage has actually skyrocketed and the number of violent drug related deaths and gang activity has as well. I don't agree that people should use drugs, especially unregulated drugs, but they will. The clear solution is not to criminalize it and destroy the economy through increasing the number of criminals that need to be supported by tax payers, but to legalize it so you actually have the ability to monitor it so it can only be used under very close super vision and distributed by businesses that aren't illegal. Then you shrink the margins of drug selling gangs, you can minimize drug related crime, you destroy the underground economy, you collect more in taxes, and you shrink the growth and even begin to contract the size and eliminate several gangs in the process. Then with the gangs out, you can begin to restrict the product to be required to be safer and safer, until it is virtually reduced to a hoohka bar.

    With poker there has been a long standing history of the type of environment and illegal back rooms that used to be extremely dangerous. Since online poker the amount of criminally related illegal poker games as a percentage of the poker playing population is absolutely minimal. The concerns of kids using parents credit card isn't valid because there are plenty of prepaid credit cards and various options and ability to restrict finances, not to mention actual basic good parenting that keeps it out of the child's hands to begin with. More importantly, kids can do that as it is. It is illegal for them to use their parents credit card without their permission and gamble just like many view various online chance gambling games as illegal, but that absolutely won't stop them... So why would making it illegal. If anything the best chance to prevent kids IS to make it legal so it can be regulated and ensured that the kids are required to verify they are over 18 or 21. Online poker is not any different than live poker minus a few dangers and risks that would more easily be mitigated IF it WERE officially made legal.

  • Corrupt Practices designed to Maximize Revenue

    Some form of control needs to be taken in order to insure online casinos are using fair game play practices. At the moment, all of the online casinos are being operated overseas where there is no transparency or control over the situation. There is much speculation about the fairness of the software used and whether or not the hands being dealt are legitimate. The way the cards are dealt should be exactly like the way cards are dealt in a live casino - completely random. There needs to be some enforcement for this if players are going to be spending their hard earned money on these "trusted" websites where they are looking to play an honest game of cards - and not a game rigged for action.

  • They had no right banning it in the first place

    I don't understand what makes it any different, if you go online and gamble away your money or if you do it in a casino. If someone wants to come home from a long day of work and spend some of their money on some poker online without leaving their house then why shouldn't they be able to? Not to mention all the lives that were potentially ruined by the banning of poker online in the US. So many people lost their source of income, their dreams were taken from them, everything they had been working for was just ripped away. It's very sickening in all honesty. I didn't have any money in online poker because I started playing a bit after this happened, but there are a few documentaries out there and you'll notice how much of an impact it REALLY had on people.

  • Its our money

    We shouldnt be governed on how we spend our money gambling...It is another way that the government has overstepped what their true purpose and focus should be on.The government has become too much of a babysitter, they micro-manage way too many things that we dont need them to do.

  • Taxes and entertainment.

    The taxes that would come from online poker would help out government. Plus to anyone who says that they will lose all their money if they play, 80% of the United States players had under 80 dollars in their respective account. A ban of a form of entertainment should also not be illegal in the land of the so called free.

  • Yes because they are losing tax money to other countries

    People are going to find ways to gamble and play poker online even with the current laws. Right now our country, who is in severe debt, is losing tax revenue to other countries who are benefiting from the us not allowing it. This is a silly argument and does not hurt anyone.

  • Lotteries are legal, so why not poker

    The primary argument against legalizing online poker is that the people least able to afford to lose money will do so. However, in NY the state already runs betting parlors for horse racing and there are probably 50 different lottery tickets one can buy. I would argue that it's worse to sell people scratch off tickets for $5 with a one in a million chance of winning than allowing people to play cards, which requires some level of skill.
    The other argument is people should be free to do what they please. The government does not ban cigarettes or alcohol.

  • People should have the freedom to play a game of skill for money

    The USA purports to be a free country. This is not to be believed when they write laws to impede a citizens ability to play online poker for money. The UIGEA law that prohibits the transfer of money to online poker sites contains an exemption for derivative trading for Financial Institutions. This was the main cause of the latest meltdown and hurt many more people than poker players online. The game of politics is rigged, not internet poker sites.

  • Yes, I think online poker should be legalized in the US.

    I am not a gambler, but I like to partake of gaming every once in a while. Making poker legal online will give those who want to practice a chance to do so before going to a face-to-face game. It is hard to practice when real winners are not involved. If people had a place to practice on a small scale, I see nothing wrong with that.

    Posted by: DistinctJamar63
  • i enjoy on line poker and govenment should not dictate what I can do with my money in the privacy of my own home.

    i played on an $11 tourny once a week on poker stars. Now, what harm am I causing to others? I am a father of four and have a lovely family that I care for and take care of. I pay my taxes and work a full time job. Why does the govenment feel that it has the right to tell me that I cannot spend $11 a week doing hat I love to do when they cannot even stay close to paying their own bills wihout getting all of us in debt? Internet poker should be legal and if some dont like it, well, dont play.

  • I am against legalization of online poker, because it is too accessible, and it would be too easy for people to lose their money.

    Having online poker legalized opens the door to more fraud than they will know how to handle. The anonymity of online transactions means that a 13-year old child could take his or her parent's credit or debit card and spend a lot of their parent's money. People with addictive personalities could lose all of their money faster than they ever conceived. It is really not in the best interest of the American public to legalize online poker.

    Posted by: ChildlikeJarvis90
  • No, because it feeds an addiction, as well as creating new addicts.

    Gambling addiction is a real and potentially harmful psychological disorder. By having it available in the home via the Internet, it becomes easier and easier for those suffering from it to feed their addiction, and thereby lose more and lose it more rapidly. It also creates new addicts who are specifically attracted to the Internet part of it.

    Posted by: K Nicholson
  • I oppose online poker being legalized in the US, it'll add to economic problems.

    There are already things effecting our economic condition negatively, such as casinos, lottery, cigarettes, and other things that aren't necessary. I believe that legalizing online poker would just likely cause people to spend more money and become addicted, spending money they don't have, therefore hurting our economic situation even more than it is now.

    Posted by: boobop
  • Legalizing online poker would put Americans even further into debt.

    Americans are in a tremendous amount of debt and are unable to pay it off. When a person doesn't pay off a loan (mortgage, credit card, auto, etc.), businesses lose money, and the economy suffers. Because it would put Americans deeper into debt, online poker should not be legalized.

    Posted by: R3gg43Wit
  • Doesn't stop; doesn't seem like real money; ruins your life

    When online all you have to do is click a button to keep playing, so you don't have to stop like in a real casino. You just keep going into more debt because it doesn't seem like real money. Also, problem gambling is more common with online gamblers than regular gamblers. Having a problem with gambling too much can ruin families, marriages, and many other relationships.

  • It's outright theft!

    If there could ever be an honest, legitimate poker site, then I'm all in! As of yet, I haven't seen ONE site that fits that description. IMO, they are all run by thieves.
    Maybe someday, someone like Bill Gates will take up the cause and provide a fair online poker environment. Until then, our politicians got it right. Keep it illegal, like any other form of theft.
    Of course, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the right palms get greased, and it will be open season on our wallets.

  • No online poker, just like gambling, is illegal except in certain areas and venues in the country.

    Gambling is a problem. We shouldn't facilitate it by inviting it into our homes. Online gambling is specially addictive because of it's isolation and private nature. People can gamble their whole savings and not have any family members or friends know about it. So there is not much we can do due to the nature and complexity of the internet. People will always find a way to cheat.

    Posted by: takakidaily

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