Should only police/militarily trained professionals have access to firearms?

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  • I think the discipline in training would better weave out panicky or easily angry folks.

    We all do stupid things when we get angry or panicky, especially in tight situations. And I think something like bootcamp can provide the discipline to not injure and/or kill others that are not a threat. As someone who believes everyone deserves a chance at a firearm like the second amendment says, I think this is a step in the right direction.

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  • It defeats the entire purpose.

    The second amendment was put in place because the government by nature is a nessicary evil. Governments have a history of oppressing people, and that's why the founding fathers thought it wise to give us the ability to fight off tyrannical governments. Also, a cop won't always be there to protect you. If someone breaks into your house with the intent on causing you, your family, or your property harm, you don't have the time to call 911, and wait for them to save you.

  • It goes against the entire idea of the second amendment.

    Saying only professionals can have guns is like saying only those with college educations can have free speech. The bill of rights is just that. Rights. We have it so that the common man can live freely. SCOTUS already ruled you can't require licensing or permits to exercise a right protected by the constitution.

  • If only police had acces to firearms, it would be infringng the second amendment.

    The second amendment was not written in case deer learned to shoot back. And it was not written with only muskets and flintlocks in mind. It was written so the people would be guaranteed to have the means to protect themselves if the government became too powerful. However, concealed carry is another story.

  • The second amendment exists for a reason

    Take a look at the Florida school shooting for a second. The police officers would not even enter the building to confront the shooter. Yet people want to leave citizens unprotected. In some areas it can take police thirty minutes to respond to an emergency; a lot can happen in that time frame. We shouldn't leave Americans to be sitting ducks.

  • We have constitutional rights!

    In the 2nd amendment, it allows everyone the right to bear arms. First of all, by taking away our guns, then it would be unconstitutional. Also, there are so many guns in the country, legally and illegally owned, that it would make it very easy for criminals to steal them. Okay, so if we decided no more privately owned guns starting tomorrow, and everyone gives up their guns, some may feel enthusiastic because it would "reduce crime". How? Criminals are criminals. Just as they would break the law to kill someone, they would break the law to get a gun. We have drug laws, but people do cocaine. We have murder laws and people still murder. We have laws against rape and people still do it. So what would make this any different?

  • The Second Amendment

    The Second Amendment is one of the key Amendments in United States history. Guns will always be around, and what happens if a bad guy has a gun and now you do not because you got them taken away. Better just allow guns for protection. Lastly, if you don't like guns, don't buy them!

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