Should only the man of the relationship be able to propose?

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  • All people are equal

    If someone loves someone then why not? If the woman feels the time is right then the time is right :) #alllivesmatter and also a woman proposing is the same way that a guy does it so that breaks the first ammendment if women dont have that right. WE ARE ALL EQUAL

  • Don't be ridiculous

    The idea that only a man can propose marriage has its roots in a time when men proposed so that women could become their property (which is why women originally took their husband's last name and said "Obey" in their vows). Nowadays most people marry for love, so it doesn't matter who proposes. Also don't forget not all relationships are between a man and a women.

  • Not only the man of the relationship be able to propose.

    A lot of men are submissive and like the women in a relationship to take control. In this case, it's appropriate if a woman asks a man to marry her. It might be emasculating, but a lot of men enjoy relationships like this. There is nothing wrong with a woman being in control of a relationship.

  • No, it shouldn't be that way.

    Men should not be the only one able to propose. If a woman loves her man and believes he is the one I see no reason why she should not be able to propose. The man could be afraid she would say no and may not propose, but if the woman does it that will not be an issue.

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