Should Ontario reinstate provincial examinations in all 12th grade subjects?

  • Yes, examinations are essential in the educational system

    Without examinations, particularly those at the end of secondary education, are essential in testing the knowledge that was learned and retained in each and every student. Furthermore, the examinations are testimonials to a student's knowledge and test-taking abilities, which are both valuable assets in higher education, such as college and graduate school. The exams highlight which students, as well as schools, are proficient in their amount of knowledge.

  • No, there are many ways to learn.

    No, Ontario should not reinstate provincial exams for 12th grade subjects, because there are other ways to measure learning. Some countries and states, like Victoria, Australia, use centralized exams for 12 grade subjects as a way to measure progress. Other places, like the United States, use centralized tests not related to any specific class. Both are perfectly good ways to measure learning.

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