Should Opie and Anthony have been fired from XM Radio over the "Homeless Charlie" controversy?

  • Dangerous to encourage rape and murder

    I have never heard Opie and Anthony but I do read the news. I understand they encouraged a mentally ill man to commit rape and murder after he had expressed such desires. I wonder if anyone but me has a problem with that. Who knows what Homeless Charlie might have done since.

  • They had no discretion.

    Yes, Opie and Anthony should have been fired from XM Radio over the Homeless Charlie controversy, because they allowed some terribly prejudiced things to be said on the air, and they didn't even see the problem with it. Imagine if a conservative person had said the same thing about liberal politicians.

  • Fans of Show Were Repugnant

    Opie and Anthony should have been fired for the controversy because what they said was racially insensitive and just plain rude. Of course, Howard Stern should have been fired and so should Don Imus. In America, we have free speech and Opie and Anthony can say whatever they want on XM Radio. Fans rebelled and got them reinstated 30 days later. However, that doesn't make the situation morally correct.

  • Yes, the comments made were generally vulgar and has no need on radio

    Even though the se are shock jocks forwarding comments from a man named Homeless Charlie, the use of vulgar language about sex with Condeleeza Rice and Laura Bush is unacceptable. Many feel because they are making jokes about political figures that these comments are somehow OK.They Are not approrpaite in any medium.

  • What do you expect

    It is very strange when people hire people, having seen their prveious work and knowing who they are and what they would do, and expect the same or something similar not to happen. Opie and Anthony, with a history of controversial stunts, are no different, and the people that hired them should stick with them.

  • No, Opie and Anthony should not have been fired.

    I do not think that Opie and Anthony should have been fired over the Homeless Charlie controversy. I think that Opie and Anthony are shock jocks whose shows are full of controversial material. I think the incident with Homeless Charlie wasn't any worse than their other segments that were just as shocking.

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