• Harm reduction, crime reduction, reduced public corruption, better for all

    Crime positively correlates with prohibition, especially organized crime. The historical trend being thus unchanged is still true today, as it always will be for it is a matter of fact, not opinion. So long as prohibition exists there will be organized crime, and the longer it is in place the more people will remain complacent to its existence. The more the people become complacent, the more they themselves become corrupt. Prohibition is a policy of nationwide denial, a lie that it will miraculously improve standards of living. It is not only counter-intuitive to this, but it impedes freedom. Who is to say an alcoholic is better than an opium or marijuana user? The only difference is the alcoholic can obtain his poison without fear of imprisonment or having to deal with violent criminals? Prohibition of any drug is a mistake. Consequently, the more drugs we add to the list of prohibition, the more versatile, virulent and effective organized crime becomes, more innocent people are affected, and there more room for public corruption. The billions of taxpayer dollars spent imprisoning our own innocent children whilst maintaining the same policy that got them there is simply idiotic. This policy of a "war" on not just one substance, but substances that do not even exist yet, is unattainable in every way. Prohibition is the simply denial of these facts, and the continuation of our own societies addiction to controlling all that we fear or refuse to understand. Prohibition only simultaneously helps our enemies to finance there operations whilst killing our children. There are so many more reasons; increased tax revenue in the form of the much more logical sin tax; increased prices for drugs (prohibition makes them cheaper and more dangerous), a conceivable decrease in hard drug use, freeing innocents from a prison system, increase in public morale, public health, safety and enough unmentioned reasons to keep whomever reads this occupied for hours. Prohibition is a lie, and like all lies maintained have a snowball effect. At this point that snowball has gotten so enormous it touches in one way or another virtually every person in this country. A country with prohibition policy is not free, its people will become aware of this and the state itself will fall on its own sword. I hope we correct our mistake before this happens.

  • Legalize opium today

    Yes I have severe nerve pain and I can't get a doctor to prescribe me pain blocking medication. Opiates. This is a crime. To leave a person in pain like this... Is a crime. Its inhumane. I'm tired of suffering this bad. Legalize. Legalize. Legalize. There are many like me out there that need help. The help that only this pain relieving substance can offer. Legalize. Legalize. Legalize.

  • Legalize for sure

    Sad how brainwashed people are by the media. Gullible pathetic people. People shouldn't be left in pain and just like alcohol I agree it should have rules but it being illegal is doing nothing but harm. People wake up stop being so gullible and listening to everything you hear from your parents or the media!

    God bless.

  • Basic human rights of your own temple

    I am a thelemite and freedom of religion is supposed to be protected by the first amendment. It doesn't just apply to straight edge christians, although they would like you to think that. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it is only fascism hiding behind the citizens ignorance of their rights that allows the war on drugs to continue. It's time for another revolution. Do What Thou Wilt.

  • The basic human right over your own temple

    I am a thelemite and religious freedom is supposed to be protected by the first amendment, it doesn't just apply to straight edge christians, although they would like you to think it does. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it is only fascism hiding behind the citizens ignorance of their rights that allows the war on drugs to continue. Do What Thou Wilt.

  • Legalising would reduce gun running.

    Much of the proceeds of illegal base drugs such as opium are used to support war. Making opium legal would help put an end to war lords. Why? Because it would be much cheaper to buy. I would rather see an adult stoned and happy in their own house than dead with a bullet in their head.

  • Yes for sure.

    It doesnt hurt anyone, if it legalized it will cut down hiv rates, overdoses, bad shots, and most of all would take down the whole blackmarket as far as opiates. Addicts would be able to live normal lives if they were to get their prescription legally. I used to be in the streets, and now that i have my prescription i lead a very normal life, and have not once lived the junkie lifestyle. Junkies are dying from diseases from dirty needles because the pharmacy's wont give them to you! So they are forced to re use the old needle over and over again, again, because of the blackmarket. Legalize is the answer.\

  • Legalize Opium Now

    I find that legalizing opium would take a vastly profitable market (maybe the most profitable) out of the hands of organized crime and into the main stream economy. Also, medical costs would drop due to an increase in opium used to make expensive drugs. You know what I am saying is correct

  • De Quincey was Right!

    Nearly 200 years ago, Thomas De Quincey wrote that alcohol is more dangerous is the following:

    “A man who is inebriated, or tending to inebriation, is, and feels that he is, in a condition which calls up to into supremacy the merely human, too often the brutal, part of his nature: but the opium-eater (I speak of him who is not suffering from any disease, or other remote effects of opium) feels that the diviner part of his nature is paramount; that is, the moral affections are in a state of cloudless serenity; and over all is the great light of the majestic intellect.”
    -Confessions of an Opium Eater, page 92.

    I have never heard about anybody using too much opium and beating up their wife, killing their friend, or killing/injuring someone while driving under the influence of opium.
    If we were talking about crack or meth, I would vote "No." However, research supports that legalization of opium should be given a test run.

  • Danger of Unregulated Chemical Usage

    By legalizing this plant (as well as constituent chemicals and their respective derivatives) a society can regulate and ensure the safety of the chemical for the user. By maintaining the illegality of the substance an unregulated market forms which increases the risks use. These risks include harmful additives to the chemical in question, a lack of standardized dosage (contributing highly to overdose potential), and the lack of proper sanitary usage (especially in regards to intravenous injection) due to lack of available information. Legalization would allow elimination, or at least regulation and reduction, of these issues.

  • Death to peace

    It's been a few hundred years since the most infamous poppy flower changed the world forever, but was it for the better or for the worse? Sure the Opium flower may be pretty to look at but what's at its center is vile. It's little center packs a big punch, causing respiratory problems, heart problems, weakened immune system function, and impaired cognitive functions. Opium is a dangerous, deadly drug that destroys life and is mind blocking. Making this legal would cause society to crumble and release a overall pandemic that could end the very existence of peace and order.
    Firstly, Opium is dangerous in itself but it is also the foundation to even deadlier drugs like heroin and morphine. To legalize one you would have to legalize all: people will always want more. For it is not possible to only legalize one and leave the others banned. The very idea that it should be legal gives people the impression that there is no harm to it. To even begin to show people that this drug is not dangerous or even how toxic it truly is, is outrageous.

  • How can we legalize one drug, and still allow others to be illegal?

    Opium is obviously a drug as we know it. It has the same types of effects that other illegal drugs. With that said, how can we say that it is okay that we allow some drugs to be used but not others. I am 19 years old and since I was little I have always been told to "Stay away from drugs." If that is what we are going to classify opiates as, then they cannot be legalized. Although their effects may vary compared to other drugs and seem less severe, the government has to be consistent with their side. If they allow opium to be legal, people will want more. All in all, I just feel as though it would be much more of a problem rather than a solution. The drug is extremely addictive, and if abused has the power to alter our society in a negative way.

  • If opium is legalized, terrible consequences will result.

    Why not legalize one of the hardest drugs known to man? If you want to see society crumble around us and people dying in the streets, or opium dens, then go ahead and legalize a drug that is primarily produced in countries that are hostile to the US. This is clearly a bad idea.

  • Opium Cannot Be Legalized

    With an already documented epidemic sweeping the United States, and many other free world nations, in relation to the abuse of prescription drugs containing opium as their primary active agent, any thoughts in support of the legalization of opium could have devastating consequences globally. With the abuse of prescription based opiate drugs already a problem without a solution, to add heroin and other forms of opium to the equation would be lacking in foresight, and again, wrought with perilous consequences.

  • How can Opium be legal if it's just as addictive as Morphine and Heroin...

    Guys this drug is not like you make up in your fantasy worlds this drug is not like Cannabis or Psychedelics. This is a real mind blocking drug that destroys lifes if used recreationally, the addiction of Opiates is no joke at all and can't be avoided if used recreationally. Also it's very lethal and 2 grams of it can kill a person. Just use other Opiates for real issues like pain. They do the same thing as Opium which is basically just Morphine in it's natural form. People don't know the harms of certain drugs until they are addicted on it. Just no... AND IF someone thinks this should be legal for recreational use than ask them if abusing Oxy/Hydrocodone is not a HUGE problem in the USA.

  • Ignorance is bliss apparently

    Many horrible health risks also come with this drug. Overtime the user will start to build up tolerance to it and will have to up the dosage each time, resulting in an even higher risk to overdose and leads to abuse of the substance Another is Pain Sensitivity, even though many use opium to help with pain related problems long-term use of opium may actually make pain worse:This is called opioid-induced hyperalgesia. Over time, opioids may make the body more sensitive to pain, especially in the absence of the drug but sometimes even when the drug is present in the system.

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