• It is there choice

    I get it looks bad to the rest of society, who has moved into the 21st century. Many people are very religious and just have different cultures. I do not think it is degrading if the females enjoy cooking for the men. If they do have a problem, then they need to stand up for themselves and the rest of society will back them.

  • Yes, female members of Opus Dei should continue to cook for the males.

    I think that as long as everyone involved in the arrangement agree to the situation, the female members should continue to cook for the males. I think that a Roman Catholic-based institution such as the Opus Dei should be able to operate and run their organization the way they want.

  • No, but it will anyway.

    Opus Dei is one of the bastions of the Roman Catholic Church and honors its tradition of patriarchy and paternalism. No, it is not right that females who belong to the organization cook for the males who belong to it, but that is not going to change because it is a group with its roots in the dark ages.

  • Makes no sense

    Its very hard to get behind any rule in a religion that almost purely exists in order to enforce a social norm that opresses a group of people. Forcing women in the sect to cook for men isn't even a very central part of the religion, and they shouldn't be forced.

  • No, Opus Dei should stop.

    I do not believe that Opus Dei should continue to have its female members cook for its male members. This is 2014 now, what happened to womens rights? I can understand if there were some male member cooks as well, but having them strictly as women is not a good thing.

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