Should or can, video games be considered art?

Asked by: Xenoes
  • ALL video games = Art

    Every game has the potential to be art in the sense of the word. If you looked at ALL the world of gameing has to offer, no one could even think of saying games can't be. Art is the expression of human skill and imagination. Let's first look at the word "skill". People using skill to create something. Why must we hail the skill of one with a paintbrush over a programer that can write code to create things? They're the same. Now lets look at the imagination within games. Well, imagination is the whole POINT behind every game's creation.
    Video Games are interactive art. It brings many other forms of art to create an amazing experience. Now yes, some games are made for the sole reason to entertain. But so is music. We don't see people at war over weather or not music is an art. Because it is. And what does nearly every video game have? Music. For some examples to back this up. Lets see rythem games. Those exist. It's whole fuction revolves around music. THAT is art. Another form of art is through visual imagery. So let's look at games like Journey, Flow, or Flower, all made by ThatGameCompany. And those are just a few. Then there is narrative through plot. Books. To say a game that is heavy in story focus such as an RPG(or JRPG for more specifics) is not art then you are saying books are not art. But they are. Video games take all theses forms of art and bring them together for that wonderful piece of(and you never saw this coming) art. What the art is depends on the creater. It depends on them weather or not their art is good or not. Because every form of art has both good and bad art in each catagory. Video games are no different. If anything they should be hailed more in the art world. Because video games bring ALL other forms of art into one, and when that is done succesfully, we should all be overjoyed and praising it because it did something no other form of art can even possibly pull off. Video games ARE art. ALL video games ARE ART. Weather or not it's good art is your opinon. But all video games are art. And if you would like to hear an example of a game that succesfully pulled off that ultimate form of video game art, here is a few that I find to be remarkable:
    The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    Xenoblade Chronicles
    Bravely Default
    The Legend of zelda: A link to the past
    Kingdom Hearts(the whole series)
    Pokemon Black and White
    Now for my final note. I invite everyone to add to this list. Let people know that there is more to video games then meets the eye. And if you believe you can fully destroy or counter this argument, I invite you to do so even more.

  • Artistic fashion over emotiveness

    Emotive responses from anything in life cause the human mind to be moved to a state of awe. Just because it is simply emotive or invokes a response does not mean it is art. Art inspires love sadness and anger and other emotions not the other way around. Beautiful music, a good driven story, technique in art, a particular style, are all what make up a game. Those are the things which, when done well allow us to feel a particular way. Alien isolation was one of the most beautifully made games ever because it was beautiful on just about every level. However, i could not say that goat sim is as beautiful... Nor an art form... It is simply fun...

  • What is art?

    Art has a set definition, but it's not true. Anything can be art if you make it. I can take a chair and put it on a pedestal and call it art. What is art to me is not art to you, so it is all set on personal preference and by your own personal definition.

  • Video games express creativity

    "The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power"
    That is the definition of art from the oxford dictionary. Video games involve, the process of imagining a creative idea, then creating it in the form of a video game. This matches with the definition of art

  • Of course they are

    There isn't a single video game that i've played that i haven't stopped in my tracks and just thought Oh My God this is beautiful. Games are like jumping into a picture and doing something fun while in that picture. Games are the same as statues, it's just 3D art. Two elements of games can be considered as art, the 3D world and the design. Design is inricate and beautiful just like a painting.

  • Yes it is

    Because it gives the players many chances to think in new ways.So game should be an art. You cant do anything to finish a game. You have to go to check new ways. So in a game you can do this with your own brain. Its an art. So we can say.

  • Art is what you perceive.

    Art is something that influences people, it comes from the creativity of the mind and the character of the soul. Everyone perceives what art means to them in their own way.

    Video games fall under the category of art because a man was behind the creativity that went into it.

    The Last of Us, a Zombie game with which Naughty Dog put a great deal of texture, lighting, shading, and ART into, which any man, women, child can take to heart.

    What I am saying is, when you look at the Mona Lisa or the Scream or Van Gogh you feel something at heart. But when you look at The Last of Us, Spyro the Dragon, Wolfienstien, or Tom Clancy you can feel that someone took time to make a story, to make a style of true art!

  • Video games is not Art, it is commercial art.

    Get over it video games aren't Art, they are a form of entertainment. Art is about an individual expression. Where is the individual in a video game production? Everyone likes to cite games made by giant game companies but where is the little guy? Has anyone ever ventured further than the game store or Walmart to fine an Artistic game? Do you go and look for individuals created great Artful on a human scale? I doubt it, maybe some do but the majority of people that play video games are biased and believe a game created by a single person is not worth there time. This does not work in Art since we value the individual expression. Most people that play games don't have a clue about what art is. Even the big museums showcasing video games as Art are just following a trend. They are like the grandpas wearing baggy jeans and hip cloths to try and impress the younger ladies. Video games are art sure, but not Art with a capital A. Fine Art is not something you can mass produce, Take prints or a picture of the Mona Lisa, does it have the same value as the original painting? Go ahead and argue that it does, but anything that can be copied or replicated over and over loses it's Artistic integrity. Picasso's Guernica painting has such a deep impact that George Bush had to cover it up when doing a speech in the same building; for the invasion in Iraq.
    Do you honestly believe video games has that kind of power? Video game producers are really only thinking about making a product that sells, not creating something that will change the world. And that is the major difference between Video Games and Art. However even Roger Ebert said that it may become Art one day, but if people can't look past the fact a game has to be well made. They will never elevate video games to a form of High Art because they never go pass the idea that the individual is more important than the corporations. Give credit to the individuals creating artful rpg maker games in their mom's basement. Maybe a few people do but a majority of gamers only want things professionally made for mass consumption.

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