• "Compulsory" and "Mandatory" are not the right words.

    People on the Con side keep throwing the words "compulsory" and "unconstitutional" around, but the heart of the matter we're trying to get at here ISN'T mandatory donation. It's more of an opt-out program. You can decide to opt out of donating your organs, or you can stay in the program and donate them after your death. But if you stay in the program, it doesn't automatically mean that you'll be harvested after you pass. Your organs still have to be healthy and in good working order in order for them to be used in transplants. And honestly, organ donation isn't against ANY of the five major world religions, so if it's against your religion, you're in the minority. It's not unethical or unconstitutional either, because after you die, you're DEAD. Not to blunt the matter, but you won't need both your kidneys or your lungs when you're body's in the ground and your soul is somewhere else.

    Bottom line here? If you don't want it, don't do it.

  • Hero or selfish

    Why wouldn't you want to? Everyone wants to do something great, what can be greater than saving peoples lives! Its just selfish to want you organs when you are dead and have no need for them. I understand that some people may think of it as stopping your body being your property, but we should look at it in a different way, your are saving someone's life! Would you not want the same done for yourself or a loved one? As the saying goes: treat others as you would want to be treated your self...... We should all think of this when we approach this topic. So if you ever are asked if you would like to give your organs remember that saying then choose.

  • Organ transplants give many people a second chance at life. Donated tissues help people with a variety of major illnesses.

    One donor can help many people enjoy a better quality of life, as there are different organs in one human body. I believe organ donation does not take away the pain of death but can be an opportunity for something positive to come out of tragedy. A system of "opting out" should be implemented.

  • It's not fair that so many people die everyday whist waiting for a transplant.

    Wouldn't you much rather your organs were put to use after you pass than rot in the ground? Negligence is a crime and people should not have to suffer when something can be done. It's not right and it's not fair that so many people die everyday whist waiting for a transplant. Don't be selfish, give life when your own has ended.

  • Why wouldn't you give your Organs to save someone who is dying

    If you were dead and your organs were in good condition then why should you keep them for yourself? People are dying every day because of a lack of organs and we are just sitting here saying "it's freedom of choice" how awful is that! If you've never had your nearest and dearest at deaths door you won't know what it feels like but I do and part of my family did die because there weren't enough organs so people should donate to save lives and stop other family's grieving their lost loved ones.

  • The simple reason

    What is the dead person or his family going to do with them. Surely they're not going to use them. Since cloning isn't allowed, organ donation should be mandatory. For every dumb reason to not part with your organs once deceased, someone else is dying out there. With all the people on the planet (too many), there is no reason why it shouldn't be mandatory and acceptable.

  • Yes unless for religious reasons.

    With the exemption of religious reasons organ donation should be mandatory, what are you going to do with your organs when you are no longer around, for people to say they would opt out on principle if the system changes to an opt out scheme is both selfish and petty, I wonder if the ones that say no would feel the same if it was them or or one of their loved ones that desperately needed a transplant to save their lives?

  • Waste or be a hero and save lives

    By signing a contract up to 18 people can be saved. People who are in need of a transplant are counting on others to be generous enough to give their organs. However, people are too selfish to help others and let their organs rot inside their dead body. If organ donation was compulsory many people today and in the future will be able to live a healthier and safer life.

  • Help those in need

    Imagine a little girl needing an organ and someone has died, what is their organ going to do for them in under the dirt or ashes. When it could be helping a poor little girl. Organ donation should be compulsory because organs are not doing anything being cremated or buried.

  • Yes it should

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  • No, people have freedom of religion

    There are many religions that are against organ transplants. They say it is a mutilation of the body and can actually damage a person's soul. Some religions actually ask their adherents NOT TO ACCEPT organ transplants, but we don't make them. This would be an intolerant and altogether harmful thing to do.

  • It could spread disease and a person's personality.

    No, organ donations should not be compulsory, as it has been heard that organ transplant can change a person's personality and soul. Also these organs possibly could have taken in too much bacteria and cause disease in the other person who is in need for this specific organ, therefore putting the recipient in the same state as before or possibly even worse.

  • Over use of organs.

    6205 people a year die because they need organs, but there are around 5.7m people who die a day. So there will be well over 5.6m organs a year and that brings up many issues such as were are you going to store them? It is a complete waste and a really stupid idea.

  • It opens a floodgate to other things

    If organ donation were to be made compulsory after death, it may cause people to murder others by hit-and-run incidents just so they die such that the organs could be given to a family member that needs the organ. Not only so, more illegal organ trafficking can come about: the poorer people will be disadvantaged as there can be salespeople that make them agree to selling all their bodily organs for a huge sum of money and they may agree to it if things are looking really bad for them and their family.

  • Freedom of choice.

    We are under no obligation to help another. Even though it would be the right thing, many people would rebel against mandatory organ giving. It may be because of religion or the fact you don't want your organs removed from your body.
    Organ donation is a choice, and shouldn't be compulsory. The people would rebel as the Government is MAKING us do something even if it's against a religion.
    Will there be exemption clauses? What if you have rabies? If its compulsory then it doesn't seem to exclude these people. We are given a freedom of choice, take that away and you won't have a happy nation.

  • No It Shouldn't Be

    Organ donation should not be compulsory because people have such little control of what happens to them in their lives, they should be able to control what happens to their bodies after death. There are many reasons, some religious, why a person would not want to donate their organs and those should be respected.

  • Occuring population boom

    If so many people donated there organs that nearly everyone who needed an organ transplant would get one there would be a massive population boom. So many people would be getting the organs they needed that the population would grow greatly and with a large population boom. Aside from freedom and rights

  • Freedom hard won

    This is not a question that can be decided by a majority vote. It is not an issue that can be decided by politicians. It has nothing to do with ethics let alone what is seen as right or altruistic. If we really possess anything in this world it is our own bodies and it is an affront to be asked to opt out of a scheme that will allow the medical profession to harvest our bits when we die.

  • It would be completely unethical.

    Enforcing compulsory organ donation would be like assuming that the government has total rights to your body, and that you have no control over what happens to your body after you die. This is completely wrong and extremely unethical. No matter what a person's beliefs are, their wishes about what happens to their body should be respected. Compulsory organ donation is just wrong.

  • Two Reasons of Common Sense

    There's 2 reasons on why organ donation should not be compulsory:

    1. Religion. Though some believe it is okay, there are others who are opposed to this idea for religious reasons. From what I know, some religions believe that one must leave the world the same as they were brought into it by God (unless some unfortunate accident that caused one to get amputated or installed a device to allow the person to continue living). Just because someone dies does not mean their religious values should be disrespected.

    2. Choice. There are individuals who may believe in a religion that allows/encourages organ donation, however choose not to. If the world we live in today allows the choice of abortion, dress wear, speech, and cremation, why shouldn't people have the right to keep their bodies as is after death?

    Thus, due to the respect of one's religious morals and opinion, organ donation should NOT be compulsory. Agreeing that it does means you agree that an average, bias, and imperfect person has the right to control what happens to another average, bias, and imperfect person's body. What's next, making it compulsory to wear yellow clothing only?

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Anonymous says2013-04-01T14:42:56.420
It is actually about freedom of choice
Anonymous says2013-07-10T03:05:19.323
Give people another chance to live, it doesnt hurt, we could make their family members happy and we would also feel happy if we saved several lives. Its a good thing, so, if we could save others live, why not just do it?? No harm...
Anonymous says2013-08-15T09:13:00.110
This isn't really about organ donation, it's more about freedom of choice and the fact that nothing should be compulsory. People's wishes should be respected.
Anonymous says2013-08-21T22:25:48.760
I am listed as an organ donor but agree that it is freedom of choice. Does anybody else find that the "powers that be" are in the position to try and make this type of decision for us scary?
Anonymous says2013-09-16T14:57:53.923
When you donate an organ its going to a good cause, i.E. A child that needs a heart! While I believe it should not be compulsory I am an organ donor for this reason!
hassan1 says2017-06-14T12:45:32.593
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