Should organ donation be mandatory when people die?

  • Save a life

    Organ donation should be mandatory when people die. It saves another person's life and it's not like you need it anymore. it should be a least mandatory if it fits a child. The person whose life you save could then continue to live and could even be the person who finds a cure for cancer.

  • You are putting your life at risk

    The risk may be small but people certainly shouldn't be forced to take it. This patient woke up right before doctors were about to harvest her organs!

    Even if they eliminated this risk somehow they are still your organs, not the government's organs. Organ donation is a personal choice.

  • No, A Body is a Personal Concern, And Not a Medical Issue

    Many cultures provide strict guidance about funerary customs. Bodies should
    be buried within a certain number of days, for example, or handled in particular
    ways. After a person has died, his or her body is not the business of medical
    science. Its handling becomes a private issue, and often a matter of intense
    concern to those left behind. No medical practitioner should have the right to
    override these concerns.

  • It is wrong to make organ donation mandatory.

    Different people have different
    beliefs. You can’t just make one blanket
    law and make it apply to all people.
    America is supposed to be a country that has freedom of religion. In some people’s religion, the dead body is
    sacred and is not to be violated or tampered with for any reason.

  • Freedom of choice

    We are under no obligation to help one another. Even if it would be the right thing to do many people would rebel giving. It may be because you don't want your organs removed from your body.Some people have different beliefs . Organ donation is a choice and it should not be compulsory.

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